Friday, February 8, 2013

The Results Are In…

We went to the urologist today, and surprisingly, the process was very simple…well, for me at least.  J  Basically, the doctor read through the notes from the urologist that performed the vasectomy reversal and performed a quick exam.  At that point, he told us how he would be doing Todd’s side of the procedure in detail and all of the options.  He assured us that one way or another, he would be able to extract sperm.  We won’t know until the procedure if it’s viable.  However, the chances are high that it will be.  He was a great doctor with an excellent bedside manner.  He was very patient and answered all of our my questions.  J  I tend to ask anything and everything.  Todd even asked me before we left the hospital if I was sure I didn’t have any other questions for the doctor.  I feel satisfied that we will be able to continue on with this process without even considering the need for a sperm donor.  Dr. Miller said he wouldn’t even have one as a back-up plan.  Man, I love this doctor!

So all good news.  We are thrilled!  Tomorrow night, we’re going to celebrate with Heather Nichol!  Bring your party hat, girl.  J