Friday, May 31, 2013

Itchy, Itchy! Scratchy, Scratchy!

Pregnancy test – 4 days!

Another painful Progesterone shot last night.  Ugh!  It’s the right side again, and I’m convinced that the knots have just formed faster on that side than the left.  The left side is still fairly easy, but man, that right side!  Well, on top of that, I am itching like crazy today!!  I’m only allowed to use plain Vaseline on it, and since I don’t keep that in my desk drawer, I’m going to have to bear this until after work.  Earlier this morning, I noticed my fingernails were blue-tinted.  I must have subconsciously scratched.  How embarrassing!!  Anyone else ever had this problem with Progesterone?

Other than that, everything is just the same…Todd is still healing nicely, and I’m still ecstatic about the beta test on Tuesday.

This weekend is the recital for the dance studio in which I grew-up.  I, actually, took the adult class there this year, but I don’t get to perform this weekend because of my IVF.  I’m bummed, but I’m still so excited to go watch.  Maybe I’ll be back next year.

The girls go back to Arkansas on Sunday.  I’m so sad!  I wish they could just stay all summer.  They really make our evenings fun.  However, I am excited to get a long nap on Sunday.  I’m exhausted!  J  Is that my first sign that I’m pregnant?!...or just that the girls are keeping me up too late?  J  Have a great weekend!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Beta Test Update

Pregnancy test – 5 days!

Yes, my test has been moved back a day!!  I had the date wrong on my calendar.  I'm getting so anxious!

I'm still having no symptoms.  However, I had two IVF mommies message me on Facebook yesterday to say that they didn't, either.  That really calmed my nerves, so thank you, Casey & Heidi!!

I'm still euphoric, so I'm hoping that means that Progesterone isn't going to make me crazy!  Ha.

Oh, I did have a really painful shot on Tuesday night.  I'm not sure why.  Every second of it hurt, so we'll see if it does it again tonight.  Last night was fine, but it was on a different side.

I love having our girls here, but man, I miss Kaleb!

(Kaleb had to stay in Arkansas to work at Sonic.  He needed to make some money to get his car fixed.  A couples of nights ago, my 8-year old nephew, Harry, told his mom that he didn't like Sonic anymore.  She just thought it was because he didn't like the food.  Then, he proceeded to tell her it was because Kaleb had to work there, and he hadn't seen him in like a year!  He's got such a good heart...and a mixed-up sense of time.  Well, Harry, I don't like Sonic, either!!)

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Patience is a Tough Virtue

Pregnancy test – 6 days!

Just as I predicted, the weekend flew by!  We are within a week of the pregnancy test, and I can’t wait!!  I started getting really nervous because I’m still not having any symptoms.  (The other two girls on this cycle are either having cramping or spotting.)  However, after talking to a couple of IUI/IVF friends, it seems that this is okay, too.  I got really stressed out about it yesterday and started crying.  Our girls are here for their first summer visitation, and I’m having a hard time keeping all of this a secret from them.  I’m ready to just be able to tell them the good news!  Plus, if I want to have a little cry-fest, I don’t have to completely lock myself in my room to do it.  Nope, I can sit in the living room, cry, and make everyone else really uncomfortable.  J

Todd seems to be feeling much better, now.  I am euphoric still, but it takes a lot more praying to stay that way.  I’m definitely learning a lesson in patience!

Other than that, we had a great weekend!  We spent a lot of time with my parents, sister, her boyfriend, and her two boys.  The cousins love playing together, and Harry even prayed last night that “we will have fun again tomorrow playing with Kamie and Taylor.”  He’s so stinkin’ sweet!

I hope everyone else had a wonderful, long weekend, too!!  Until tomorrow…

Friday, May 24, 2013


Pregnancy test – 10 days!

Last night, I decided to apply heat to the injection site before we did my Progesterone shot.  Bad idea!!  It was the worst shot I have ever had.  Maybe I’m exaggerating a little, but it was the worst one I’ve had in a very, very, very long time.  I won’t make that mistake, again.  However, it is nice to have Todd help with the massaging after I do the heat after the shot!  That was a nice, new change last night.

Other than that, everything is status quo.  I’m feeling pretty great physically and of course, still emotionally euphoric!  Todd is still on the mend but getting better every day.

I can’t believe I haven’t been doing a countdown on here for the pregnancy test.  I have one in my head, but maybe it’s that I’m trying not to dwell on it too much.  ???  Regardless, I added one today!  J  Ten days does seem forever away, but at least the kids will be here to distract me.  (Ashleigh, want me to send one of them to Houston to help distract you?  J)

Most likely, I won’t do any blogging this weekend.  We don’t plan to receive anymore news or updates from Dr. Bundren’s office, so there won’t be much to tell.

I hope everyone takes time this weekend to remember those that have gone before us.  Our family always goes to the cemetery in Sand Springs to visit the graves of my grandparents and unfortunately, a few friends.  Happy Memorial Day everyone!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

What Does Progesterone Do?

I love this shirt, but seriously, why couldn't someone wipe that baby's chin?!
Well, I’m finally off bed rest.  Although I wasn’t ready to come back to work today, I was definitely ready to leave the master suite in our house.  Who knew there was a living room and kitchen past that door?!  J

I took my sweet time getting ready for work today so as to not rush myself.  On the way to work, I went in to get my blood drawn and ask Mary Kathryn a few questions.  Basically, I learned that I will be watching all of the activities Todd and the kids partake in this weekend, but it will be totally worth it.  The only fear is keeping it from the kids that we did IVF this month until we get our BFP on June 3.  I think we’ll be able to do it, though.

Anyway, Mary Kathryn called a bit ago to tell me my Progesterone levels are at 37.  She said this was good because she wasn’t going to increase my shots from 1cc.  Basically, they’re just making sure you have enough in your system.

I did a little research to be able to talk a little more intelligibly on Progesterone.  It’s a naturally produced chemical that I’m not producing.  J  It “comes from the empty egg follicle in women’s bodies after ovulation.”  However, from what I understand, since they aspirated all of the fluid from my follicles during the egg retrieval, I won’t produce enough on my own.  Hence, the shots.  Specific examples of what Progesterone does are:
·         Growth and maintenance of the endometrium
·         Prevent any other eggs coming to maturation
·         Relaxes the major muscles of the uterus to prevent early contractions
·         Prevents lactation until birth
·         Thickens the muscle in preparation for labor

In layman’s terms, Progesterone helps the transfer to stick.  J  I find all of this fascinating!

As for how we are doing physically and emotionally, we’re both physically on the mend.  Todd’s still a bit sore, and the only complaint I have is my back pain from lying around since Monday.  It’s getting better, though.  Emotionally, we are bundles of joy.  I know the other girls are dying to get to the pregnancy test, but I’ve done a pretty good job just not thinking about it.  I have been praying a lot for patience, which God knows, I’m not usually full of.  J 

After we received the news that none of our other embryos made it to cryopreservation, I decided that meant one of two things:
1.       God knows these two will stick, and we won’t need any other embryos.
2.       God is about to teach me more about patience.
I’m praying it’s the first one!  Somehow, this train of thought is giving me peace of mind.  Plus, the kids come tomorrow, so I know I'll be busy for the next week!!

All in all, we’re still euphoric and feeling better every day!  I’m excited for my next Progesterone check on Wednesday.  Happy Thursday everyone!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

So Fresh and So Clean, Clean

I finally started feeling better and less sore today after I was released to take a shower.  It made my day much better!  My grandma brought food for dinner, and my mom brought food for lunch.  We are spoiled!  Mom spent the afternoon with me in bed watching TV.  It was splendid!

We, also, found out today that our other three embryos did not make it to cryopreservation (freezing).  We are okay with that, though.  Only 25-30% of the couples with our fertility lab are successful at having some frozen, so we were aware of that from the beginning.  Plus, it saved us about $1,200.  Silver lining, right?

My Progesterone shots are starting to sting a little more each day.  Bummer!  Tomorrow morning, I go in for a blood draw to check my Progesterone levels.  Then, I have to go back to work.  Double bummer!

I hope everyone is having a great week!  I have embabies developing in my belly!! <smiles>

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


We are safely home.  We are devastated by what has happened in Moore, and it's a very helpless feeling to have.  About the only way we can help is to send money.  My college roommate is from Moore.  Her house is okay, and her family is all alive.

On another note, I'm feeling great besides an extremely sore back!  I do what I can to stay comfortable, but it's not easy.  At least I'm not noticing the pains in my rear from Progesterone! <smiley>

We are officially PUPO, meaning pregnant until proven otherwise.  Thanks for that one, Carri!

What Happens After an Embryo Transfer?

Once you complete your embryo transfer, you will have approximately 1½ weeks to wait before a pregnancy can be detected. The following table outlines an approximate timeline for what happens during a successful pregnancy after a 5-day transfer (5dt).


5-Day Transfer

Days Past 
Transfer (DPT)
Embryo Development
OneThe blastocyst begins to hatch out of its shell
TwoThe blastocyst continues to hatch out of its shell and begins to attach itself to the uterus
ThreeThe blastocyst attaches deeper into the uterine lining, beginning implantation
FourImplantation continues
FiveImplantation is complete, cells that will eventually become the placenta and fetus have begun to develop
SixHuman chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) starts to enter the blood stream
SevenFetal development continues and hCG continues to be secreted
EightFetal development continues and hCG continues to be secreted
NineLevels of hCG are now high enough to detect a pregnancy

Monday, May 20, 2013

Sticky Thoughts

UPDATE: (12:55pm)
We are in the waiting room.  I'm bursting at the seams with excitement!  "I'm so excited that I just can't hide it."  Think sticky thoughts that the embabies and uterus will latch on to each other!

UPDATE: (1:30pm)
We are dressed and ready to go back!  Just waiting for them to come get us.

They are transferring 2 blastocysts of grade D quality.  They are rated A-F.  Most of their babies come from C or D blasts.  Blastocyst is the stage after morula.

The other 3 aren't even morulas yet.  They have to be blasts before they will freeze them, so we will know more tomorrow.

UPDATE: (1:50pm)
We are pregnant until proven otherwise!  The procedure is complete, thanks to Dr. Kallenberger!  He was very nice.  Told us he was going to give us some mood lighting as he turned down the overheads.  Afterwords, I told him that I hoped it was as good for him as it was for me.  We got a good laugh!

The process was definitely uncomfortable!  Todd say beside me and let me squeeze his hand.  So glad he was here!

Now, I'm lying in the bed in the post-op area at an incline with my head below my feet.  We are visiting with the other couples behind their curtains.  Betty and Ash, from Dr. Bundren's office, are here. She was right before me.  Another couple from southern Oklahoma is next to us.  This process is entertaining!  I'll be upside down for an hour.

UPDATE: (2:50pm)
Amber and Brad, our other friends from Dr. Bundren, just went in for their procedure.  This is so fun!  We have all the curtains open because it's just Dr. Bundren's patients in here.  We are all just watching the tornadoes on the news and cutting up together.  The nurses said they've never had patients so friendly with each other.  I'm enjoying this!  All three of us are going to have stories for our babies about the day they were conceived...surrounded by tornadoes!

UPDATE: (3:50pm)
We are trapped in the hospital because of the tornadoes.  The southern OK couple that left got stuck in the basement for an hour before getting back up here.  I've been in this semi-upside down position for 2 hours, but I don't mind.  It's comfortable, and we're still having fun.  We did get a pic of our embabies.  Meet Baby Provences!

UPDATE: (5:05pm)
We are safely at the hotel, and I'm flat on my back in bed.  We're watching the news show updates in Moore.  I'm praying no more lives are lost!

UPDATE: (8:55pm)
On one hand, this day will go down in history as one of the worst days in Oklahoma.  On the other hand, it will go down in my family's history as one of the most joyous.  It's so strange!

I really must share my favorite conversation of today because it gave us such a good laugh.  (Betty and I both had Dr. Kallenberger today.)
Betty:  Laura, I guess you could say we were both impregnated by the same man.
Ash to Todd:  And we aren't even mad about it.
Todd to Ash:  We PAID him to do it!
Laura:  And you both held our hands and watched!!

Made me laugh so hard!

On a serious note, we are praying for all of the families in Moore!  God bless you all.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Anchor Down, Baby Provence

Today, we bought my socks for tomorrow.  I think they're perfect since we need the embabies to play like anchors and stick!
Plus, we bought "The Cat In the Hat".  One of my IVF friends, Michelle (the one that gave me free meds), said it's a superstition she used.  I'm supposed to read it tonight.

Plus, we bought pineapple with core.  I have to eat it for five days starting tomorrow.  Also, something Michelle said worked for her.

I'm starting to feel considerably better today, but I feel really bruised at the Progesterone injection sites.  I can feel the bruises all the time!

We are at my parents' house waiting out some tornado warnings right now.  They have a storm shelter.

Lots of prayers tonight for our embabies, a thick and sticky uterus, and the culmination of these tornadoes!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Growing Our Little ICSI Pixie

Transfer – 2 days!

Embaby Status:
Day 0:  9 eggs aspirated
Day 1:  5 embabies with 2 pro-nuclei and 1 embaby with 1 pro-nucleus
Day 2:  5 embabies with cell division of 3, 4, 4, 5, & 7 cells
Day 3:  5 embabies with cell division of 7, 8, 8, 10, & 12 cells

We just received another great update from Mary Kathryn.  All five embryos are still going strong.  The goal for today was for them to have divided into 8-10 cells.  They are currently at 7, 8, 8, 10, & 12 cells!

We are set for the transfer on Monday at 1:15pm in Oklahoma City, again.  We will not be receiving another update tomorrow as our embabies will not be checked again until the day of the transfer.  The most change occurs in these next 2 days.  We are thrilled and couldn’t be more ready for Monday!

Last night, we continued the Progesterone shot.  Todd is still doing a fabulous job of not causing me much pain.  However, I’m definitely starting to bruise a little.  I’m still doing massages and heat on the injection sites in hopes that it will keep me from getting too many knots.

Other than that, we are both feeling better each day.  Julie has been here since last night, and we are loving her company.  We are all getting some much needed rest, chatting, and laughing.

Yesterday, Todd finished a project that will make next week more bearable.  He hung our TV on the slant of our bedroom ceiling.  He’s so wonderful!

Here’s one more shot of what two of our embabies look like.  It’s an 8 cell embryo.
This is an 8 cell embryo.
I may not update tomorrow, but I’ll definitely do some updates on Monday.  Have a fabulous last half of the weekend! 

Friday, May 17, 2013

Divide, Embabies, Divide!

Transfer – 3 days!

Embaby Status:
Day 0:  9 eggs aspirated
Day 1:  5 embabies with 2 pro-nuclei and 1 embaby with 1 pro-nucleus
Day 2:  5 embabies with cell division of 3, 4, 4, 5, & 7 cells
This just makes me laugh.
Well, today’s update was much later than yesterday’s.  To say I was growing anxious is an understatement.  Both Amber, the other patient on this cycle, and I were texting each other trying to figure out if we should call/text Mary Kathryn.  Then, she called.  We are happy to say that we still have 5 embabies growing strong!  The goal for today is for them to be divided into 4-6 cells.  Ours are divided into 3, 4, 4, 5, & 7 cells.  Woo hoo!!  We couldn’t be more excited.

As for how we’re doing, Todd is still in a bit of pain, but he’s doing better than yesterday.  I’m cramping pretty well in my back, so I may have to break down and take some Aleve.  Our moods are soaring, though.  We’re both euphoric!

Tonight, my best friend from Dallas, Julie, is coming for a visit.  Her flight lands at 7pm.  We will be picking her up and going to dinner.  Then, we will be coming home for a relaxing weekend on the couch.  J  I can’t wait!  I love my Julie weekends!!

Tomorrow, I will update as soon as I hear something from Mary Kathryn.  Here is a parting picture of what our embabies look like.  Aren't they cute?!
This is a 4 cell embryo.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Updates Begin

Transfer – 4 days!

Embaby Status:
Day 0:  9 eggs aspirated
Day 1:  5 embabies with 2 pro-nuclei and 1 embaby with 1 pro-nucleus
Mary Kathryn just called. We have 5 embabies with 2 pro-nuclei and 1 embaby with 1 pro-nucleus. That's good news. It means we have a possibility of having 6 embabies (embryos) on Monday. They have to develop 2 pro-nuclei in order to be considered viable. One of the eggs was too immature to fertilize, and the other 2 just didn’t fertilize. Like I said in my earlier post, it’s normal. This is a great report for day 1!

Tomorrow, we will be looking for cell division to occur.

God is good, and so are these doctors!!

I know it seems a little confusing.  I just wanted to put a site on here that really helps with all of this information…especially for my mom that likes research as much as I do:  Our embabies are at the 2PN (2 pronuclei) stage.   Five of them look like this:
Our Embabies
Also, we had to go through ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection).  It’s where they inject one single sperm directly inside of each egg.  It looks like this:
Fertilizing the Eggs via ICSI
What other questions has my blog made you ask?  I want to make sure I have all of the details on here.  J

Day 1 of "The Wait"

Transfer – 4 days!

Embaby Status: (That’s what they nickname the embryos at Bennett Fertility Institute.  J)
9 eggs aspirated
I find this picture to be awesome because I keep telling Todd that I want to decorate the nursery in owls.
As you can tell, I got a little Instagram-happy yesterday.  I was adding borders to all of my pictures before posting them.  However, in order to get them saved to my phone to be able to post them, I had to share them on Instragram.  Well, that’s a problem because my bonus daughters are always checking Instagram.  We are not telling the kids that this is the IVF month because we want to surprise them with the BFP, so I had to share the pictures and immediately delete them.  It worked fine because they were at school and not on their phones (or they should have been J), so I don’t think the surprise was ruined.  Anyway, I’m enjoying playing with the pictures.  I have two more for today.

Now, as a follow-up of yesterday, we’re still waiting for the big call today.  As you know, they aspirated 9 eggs and 500,000 sperm.  Three hours after my retrieval, they fertilized our eggs.  There are a lot of names for all of the phases that the eggs go through at this point, but for simplicity sake, we’re just going to call them embryos the entire time.  However, Bennett Infertility Institute (where we had the retrieval and will have the transfer in Oklahoma City) calls them embabies.  It’s like calling my follicles by the nickname of follies.  It makes it more fun.  J

Anyway, our embabies have been made.  Today, Mary Kathryn will get a call from BFI telling her the status of them.  Now, for those of you that are new to IVF, you should know something very important.  I will not have 9 embabies on Monday.  That means that not all of the eggs will make it.  Some of them probably were lost during fertilization yesterday, so we won’t even have 9 today.  Then, some of them will stop maturing each day, so we could lose some every day of the process.  The prayer is that there will be at least one good one left on Monday.  If there are more, that’s a blessing!  Am I nervous?  Not at all.  I’ve prayed about this, and I know that God is watching over our little embabies, now.  Even the doctors can’t do anything for them at this point.  I’m excited and anxious to hear the news, but I’m not nervous or worried.  God has his plan for me, and the cool thing is that we’re going to get to see it unfold a little more each day for the next 4 days.

As for more of a follow-up from yesterday, I had considerable back cramping last night.  It was just very uncomfortable and made me want to sit down.  Today is still sore and feeling very bloated.  I need to drink more Gatorade!  (By the way, I learned what the V8 and Gatorade are for.  The sodium in them helps to keep you from hyperstimulating during the process.  She told me that now that my ovaries have been aspirated, the sodium will fill the void and keep fluid from building up in them, causing me more bloating and pain.  It seems crazy to me, but I believe her.  This was from the nurse at BFI.)

Todd is still having quite a bit of pain, but they gave him the good meds to help with that.  He’s working from home today (thank goodness), so he can keep ice on his wounds.  They used a 12-gauge needle (which is big!!!), and he had 10 stitches inserted.  Poor guy!  I am so grateful that he’s finished with all of this for at least this round and the next potential 3 IVF rounds.  That’s awesome.

He did make a funny comment yesterday that caused quite an uproar in the operating room.  When they got him back there and removed his gown, he said, “I was in the pool.  I was in the pool!”  It’s a line from Seinfeld.  I could hear them laughing in the pre-op/recovery area.  Like I’ve said, married to a comedian.  J

Our trip home was uneventful yesterday, thank goodness.  Todd took me to Cracker Barrel because neither of us had eaten since the night before.  We purchased two gifts.  One is for Baby Provence.  It’s his/her first stuffed animal from Mommy and Daddy.  J  The other was this great Willow Tree figurine.  It will remind us of the excitement of our first retrieval day.
Our Little Monkey
Our Future
Last night was the first Progesterone shot.  Todd did a fabulous job!  It didn’t hurt.  However, I can already feel the bruise today.  I’ve been rubbing it and trying to keep the knots at a minimum.  Hopefully, with heat and rubs, these shots won’t be as bad as everyone else has said.  Fingers are crossed.

As for now, all we do is wait for our daily embaby update.  I’m also praying that my uterine lining is growing nice and thick.  I’m going to do some research today to see if there are any tricks on how to help that happen.  Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

As for everyone that texted or messaged me yesterday, thank you!  I was overwhelmed and surprised by how many friends remembered the appointment.  It was awesome to know people were thinking about us and praying for us!  I can’t thank all of you enough!!

I’ll update again later today when Mary Kathryn calls.  Grow, embabies, grow!!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Making Baby Provence...Literally

Headed to Oklahoma City with my Easter socks (since we are harvesting eggs today) for Dr. Bundren.  Think he will like them?!

UPDATE: (10:20 am)
We are in OKC at the doctor.  In the waiting room, the TV is showing "Miami Vice" the movie.  Not very relaxing. ;-)

UPDATE: (11:25 am)
Finally, getting ready for the first procedure!

UPDATE: (11:45 am)
Trying to relax with the first patient.

Got this from Samantha.  Cracks me up! Especially since Todd and I are both having procedures.

UPDATE: (12:00 pm)
Todd went back at about 12.  They only have one operating room, so I will be right after.  Dr. B just came back to check on me, again.  He liked my socks...score!  He's in a super chipper mood.  I love him!!

Also, Amber and Brad, two of Dr. Bundren's patients that we met at his office, were in the next curtain to us.  We opened the curtains and visited.  She's doing great post-op, so I feel good about that.

UPDATE: (12:40 pm)

UPDATE: (3:54 pm)
They retrieved 9 eggs and 500,000 sperm!  We were able to freeze 3 vials of sperm.  That's awesome!

Todd's process was pretty awful.  The numbing shots never really worked, and our nurse kept apologizing to him.  He did get this great ice pack to take home, though.

The first sperm they aspirated had no motility.  However, they were able to add some medication to wake those boys.  That didn't stop Dr. Miller.  He kept going and found another spot with no sperm.  Finally, he hit a third spot with very awake sperm, so he was very pleased with the results!

My procedure was a cinch.  Before I went under, I told Dr. Bundren to knock me out and knock me up.  I could tell from his eyes that he was smiling under the mask.  

We are at Cracker Barrel, now.  I feel fine except for being sleepy.  Todd is walking like an old man. :)

We are blessed beyond words!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Shot Free Tuesday!!

Retrieval – T.O.M.O.R.R.O.W!!!
Transfer – 6 days!

I have to say that I’m getting a little nervous.  I’ve had butterflies in my stomach all afternoon, and I hope my massage tonight will calm those.  I’m not really nervous about the procedure or if it will hurt.  I’m more nervous about the outcome.  The only thing I can do now is continue to pray…and not eat after midnight.  J

As for how I’m feeling, physically, I’m great.  I have definitely felt a little more pressure each day, but it’s not been near what I had expected.  I thought that by this point, I would be begging Dr. B to aspirate my follies.  Mentally, I’m still euphoric with a side of nerves.  J  I’ll be great in 24 hours!

Last night, I did my Ganirelix shot at 9:45pm.  Easy breezy.  Then, we had to set an alarm for 1am to do the trigger shot.  I was in a deep sleep when that alarm sounded, and it felt so good.  It was the first good couple of hours of sleep I have had in a week.  When the alarm went off, it took me a minute to figure out what it was for.  Once I remembered, I thought to myself that I didn’t need to wake Todd for this.  Wrong.  You can’t give yourself an intramuscular shot, dumbie.    I reluctantly woke him, zombie-walked to the kitchen, injected the shot, and crawled back into bed.  It wasn’t too bad, so I was happy about that.  Today, there are no shots!  Yippee!!  Tomorrow, we start the Progesterone shot.

One thing I was really concerned about when starting this process was weight gain.  Now, I know everyone is different, but I must have done something right.  I didn’t gain anything in the last 9 days.  However, I have definitely gained a couple of inches in my mid-section where my ovaries are bursting at the seams J but I did not gain pounds.  I’ll take that.

So, tomorrow is the big day.  Todd has to be there at 10:30am for an 11am appointment.  The office is in Oklahoma City, so we’ll leave here around 8:30am.  I don’t check-in until 11:30am, so I’ll make sure to have a book with me.  They will attempt to aspirate his sperm.  I won’t go into those details, but it is likely to be very uncomfortable.  He’s opted for the local anesthetic but may opt for a general if the process gets too bad.  I will definitely be put under general anesthesia, so I’m pretty pumped for that nap tomorrow.

As long as Todd doesn’t require any general anesthesia, we’ll return tomorrow night to go to work on Thursday.  Boo!  I may or may not feel like writing tomorrow, but as soon as I hear something about the embryo quality, I’ll post.

Thank you for all of the thoughts and prayers.  They are really appreciated!

Monday, May 13, 2013

It’s Getting So-Real!

Retrieval – 2 days!
Transfer – 7 days! – In one week, we’ll be pregnant!!

I titled this entry the way I did in honor of my sweet husband who hates only one thing in life…the word “surreal”.  He, actually, stopped rooting for our favorite Survivor player last night because he used the word twice in the season finale.  Ha!  When we were leaving Dr. Bundren’s office today, I told him that this was getting so…real for me.  He gave me a look and told me I was cutting it too close.  Man, I love Todd.  He cracks me up!

Anyway, the appointment went great!  Dr. Bundren is still counting 10 follicles, although they seem to have jumped ovaries.  J  Today, he saw 6 in one and 4 in the other.  Last week, they were split an even 5 and 5.  However, if you saw how still he had to hold Wandy to get a shot, you would understand why it may not be a perfect science.  Basically, he’s just getting an idea of how many he thinks we have and the size.  They seem to be measuring an average of 19mm.  That’s great, and he seemed very pleased with our progress today.  He was actually smiling bigger and laughing some today.  I’m not sure what was up, but I really enjoyed this Dr. B.  (Oh, and for the Dr. B patients that are keeping count, I had intern number 2 in our room today.  Still no entourage, but I’m not complaining.)

I had a different nurse draw my blood today.  Usually, it’s Kelly.  Today, it was Claudia.  I was bragging to her about how I hadn’t been bruising from all of these draws, and I bruise like a peach.  I was saying I think it had something to do with my hydration level and vitamins I’m taking.  She said it was that the technicians were so good.  I agreed.  Then, she stuck me and the vein rolled.  That was the first time that ever happened to me, and I didn’t like it one bit.  She had to start over, and luckily, she got it the second time.  Ugh!  I’ll probably bruise from that one.

After our session with Wandy and Dr. B, Mary Kathryn took a lot of time going over pre- and post-op procedures for Wednesday.  Then, she taught Todd how to give me the trigger (HCG) and Progesterone shots.  Both of these shots are intramuscular, which means they go in the muscle of my rear.  Todd or someone else has to give them to me.  The trigger shot has to be given tonight at 1am!!  (It’s purpose is to get my body to start ovulating.)  The Progesterone shot will be given at our usual 9:45pm time slot starting Wednesday.  (It’s purpose is to prepare the body for a fertilized egg.)  It will be given every day for the rest of the first trimester…assuming we get a BFP (big fat positive) in early June.  In order to make sure Todd hit the muscle, and not a bone, she drew smiley faces on both sides of my rear.  Yes, we will be leaving those there for the duration of this process.  We will be redrawing them as they fade!  Samantha told me today that Michael hit her bone one time; that won’t be happening to us.  Todd did a great job giving me a B12 shot today, though, so I’m not worried about this at all.  Now, I have been told that after a few weeks, these shots start to leave knots under the skin.  That’s when it really starts to hurt.  However, Carri said that by that point, she knew she was pregnant, so she was able to handle the pain.  I’m so excited to get to that point!

Tonight is my last Ganirelix shot, which means I will no longer be giving myself any more shots.

Tomorrow is a shot free day!  Woo hoo!

Back-tracking a little…we got to go see the 4-week young twins of our friends, Rachel & Dustin, on Saturday evening.  (As a reminder, they are Dr. Bundren’s patients and the ones that really sold me on going to him.)  Avery & Emma are so tiny and precious.  They were really good while we were there, and although one of them got a little fussy for just a minute, Todd was able to calm her.  He followed that with an “I’ve still got it.”  Makes me so happy to have him as the father to my future children!  Todd and I both got to hold one of the twins.  That’s my favorite thing about visiting our friends with twins…I don’t have to share my time with Todd!  J

Also, we went to church with my mom’s family yesterday and out to my Uncle Brad’s house to celebrate Mother’s Day.  It was a wonderful day!  He lives out on the river, and the kids have a ton of fun things to do out there.  We always love the holidays at his house.  My mom surprised me with a super sweet gift; it’s a bracelet that says “Believe”.  I’ll be wearing it every day through the rest of this process…or at least have it in my bag during our procedures.  Todd bought me some super cute and stylish orange sunglasses.  That’s my favorite color, and I love them!
Jenny (sister), Mimi, Mom, me

My "Believe" bracelet
Other than that, I’m still euphoric and feeling pretty good.  I have moments when I feel some pressure from the follicles, but it’s nothing I can’t handle.  It's definitely stronger later in the day, and I can't feel much in the morning.  I wonder if that's normal?!  I’m still not sleeping very well because of this allergy cough I have, now.  Mary Kathryn gave me a few extra drugs I could start trying.  I hope they kick in soon!

I can’t believe our retrieval is in 2 days!  I have a massage tomorrow night after work, so I should be good and relaxed for Wednesday.  J  Hope everyone has a fabulous week!