Tuesday, October 15, 2013


I’ve been spending the last 3 weeks trying to figure out why Dr. Bundren’s office will not call me back.  Maybe they keep forgetting my number, and if it were more famous…say, like Jenny’s…they would return my calls.  Hmmm…

There is a back story to this a little.  Over six weeks ago, we were informed that Todd’s insurance would not be helping us with any of the costs of our next cycle.  (I still have an entry to post about what this process actually costs.)  That was a pretty devastating blow, as we really had our hopes up that we would be getting some financial assistance.  At that point, I started calling and leaving messages for Mary Kathryn to set our dates for a November cycle.  Well, everything got put on hold because of some abdominal pain I was having.  (I’ll go into more detail about that, too, in another entry.)  Three weeks ago, we were sure the abdominal pain had passed, and everyone was ready to move forward with IVF in November.  Again, I started calling and leaving messages for Mary Kathryn.

At some point in our waiting, frustration set in.  I began crying anytime anyone asked if my dates had been set.  Todd reached his limit two nights ago, which says a lot about how long we felt we had been waiting.  He happens to be the most patient person I have ever known.  He went straight to the source and texted MK on her cell phone.  He kindly asked that she give us a call the next day (yesterday), so we could start planning our work schedules around IVF.

Well, yesterday’s work day came and went with no call.  Last night, I found out that MK wasn’t even in the office this week because she and Dr. B had gone to Boston for a conference.  Really?!  That’s when we figured out how to get her attention.  I texted her and said we needed our dates for work schedules, and since we weren’t getting any responses whatsoever, we were considering switching doctors.  Within 15 minutes, I had a text with the dates of my retrieval and transfer.  <sigh>

Since that text, I’ve gone through about 100 different emotions.  I called the fertility institute where our retrieval and transfer occur to inquire about obtaining our sperm vials.  (Keep in mind, they have 3 vials of Todd’s sperm that were extracted in a very painful procedure.  We don’t want to have to go back through that process unless it’s absolutely necessary. )  At that point, I found out we weren’t even actually on the schedule.  After several calls and lots of questions and answers, they found a place for me on our dates.

At this time, we will be continuing our second cycle with Dr. Bundren.  I don’t have all of our dates for appointments and shots.  However, I do know our retrieval will be on November 20, and our transfer will be on November 25.  Therefore, I’ll be getting a week off for Thanksgiving, which gives me even more time to rest after the transfer.  I don’t think it could have turned out more perfect on the timing.  I’m just grateful to have something set, but at the same time, I hope we’re making the right decision to stay with Dr. Bundren.  Please, don’t disappoint me, Mary Kathryn!


  1. I hope she doesn't disappoint! I swear when I called yesterday MK answered and put me on hold, per usual, then Esther got on the phone. I hope they can get you through your next IVF cycle or provide your vials to you. I have recommended both of my little sisters to see Dr. B, but after the last few weeks, I will no longer recommend. I am a little sad because up until this point, everything has been pretty good! I think they are lacking in communication. Keep me posted! ;-)

    1. I'm sorry to hear you're getting the same lack of communication that I am. I have actually told one of my friends I would no longer recommend them unless she has a lot of patience. I just need a little more communication than none. :-)

    2. I agree. One phone call can make all of the difference!