Monday, December 15, 2014

This Hope as an Anchor for the Soul

The night before our third retrieval, Todd and I were at a benefit dinner with some friends.  I know I told about this awesome gesture, but I haven’t taken the time to blog the details.
At the benefit dinner
My cousin, Bradette, worked with the members of our family and a few close friends to absolutely make our night one of the most special nights ever.  Right around the start of our dinner, texts with these notes and pictures began coming to us in this order…well, roughly this order J:
My parents –
Pistols Firing for Baby Provence!!!  - Mom and Dad. 🐴🐴🐴🐴  (iPhone emoticons don’t always translate well into Microsoft Word.  Those were horses in honor of our college, OSU.)
Our kids –
Think you can get another one as cute as us?  :)
Heather & Greg, one of my college girlfriends –
I'm late!!!! I'm on Houston time ;) Thoughts, prayers and ANCHORS headed ur way!!!! I love u both so much! And I think ANCHOR thoughts from a Texas fisherman r a good luck charm!!!  Do u love that it took us three tries for a decent pic :-) another good sign I think! Love u and praying for this anchor to work!
Mimi & Bill –
Hoping and praying for a new great grandchild! - Mimi and Bill
Larry, one of our groomsmen –
I'm praying for you Laura and Todd!!  Thinking about you guys!  Love, Larry.
My sister, Jenny's clan –
#anchordown #boysonly #nogirlsallowed  #mycousinsaredrab #kalebsboring #laurajr (#probablynotagoodthing;)) #hopehegetsmylooks-pete #jennysthefavoriteaunt #iamnotchangingdiapers #itsallingodsplan
My sister, Amber’s family –
This is us being hopeful for you guys and baby Provence!  Anchor down those little embryos tomorrow. We love you and are Praying for you!!!
Carri, Jen, Sam, & Annie, our friends from Dallas –
Anchors away!!!  We love you guys and will be praying for you guys tomorrow (and 5 days after that...and then for the next 9 days...and then for the next 9 months!).  Love, Sam and Annie (oh, and Jen and Carri too) 😍😍😍😍

Gotta love outtakes!
Uncle Brad –
Well pilgrim, you know what the duke always says, we're wasting daylight. Let's get it done.
Cousin David’s group –
We are praying for you'll daily that God brings you a beautiful healthy child. We love you and we are here for you.
Cousin Danielle’s bunch –
This family is cheering you on!!!! Love you all!!!  Anchor them babies!!!!    Remember I get 1!!!!  :-)
Cousin Matthew –
Todd, play this on your phone right meow!  Wait for it....  BAM!!!!!  It's a bird, it's a plane... No, it's Anchorman!!!
Michael, Samantha, & Kennedi, Todd’s bestman & his family –
We love you guys more than you know. We will be thinking about you and specifically praying for God's hand to guide the doctor in placing those embabies in the perfect spot. Just know tomorrow, we will be with you in spirit and if we could hug your necks really tight, we would!!! Go P's! The G's are super stoked about tomorrow! 🎉🙏👍👼 (Again with the iPhone emoticons vs. Microsoft Word.)
Uncle Vern & Aunt Jan –
Never underestimate the power of prayer - our hearts are crossed for you.  Uncle Vern and Aunt Jan
Cousin Jeff –
Wishing you luck, Jeff.
Kyle, Jeni, & Keelie, one of our groomsmen’s crew –
Want y'all to know we are praying for you guys and thinking of you and share your hope that baby Simon or Simona will be here soon. These aren't the real family pics....those will come afterwhile...they are on Kyle's phone and he is on a delayed flight. :) Love you guys so much!!!  Keep us posted.
Sans Kyle, who was travelling and missed the photo op.
Last, but not least, the ringleader herself, Bradette, Rob, & Eleanor –
You may not always know how much everyone thinks about you but we hope you always know that everyone loves you!!  Our cup runneth over and over and over.  Love you guys!  The Groves
This was one of the sweetest gestures we have ever received.  Todd and I will never forget it.  Thank you to everyone that took the time to participate.  We are blessed to have you in our lives!
Shot Clock:
1.       Tuesday morning, October 28 – 300 units of Follistim
2.       Tuesday evening, October 28 – 300 units of Follistim
3.       Wednesday morning, October 29 – 300 units of Follistim
4.       Wednesday evening, October 29 – 300 units of Follistim
5.       Thursday morning, October 30 – 300 units of Follistim
6.       Thursday evening, October 30 – 300 units of Follistim
7.       Friday morning, October 31 – 300 units of Follistim
8.       Friday evening, October 31 – 300 units of Follistim
9.       Saturday morning, November 1 – 300 units of Follistim
10.   Saturday evening, November 1 – 300 units of Follistim
11.   Sunday morning, November 2 – 300 units of Follistim
12.   Sunday evening, November 2 – 300 units of Follistim
13.   Monday morning, November 3 – 300 units of Follistim
14.   Monday evening, November 3 – 300 units of Follistim
15.   Tuesday morning, November 4 – 300 units of Follistim
16.   Tuesday evening, November 4 – 300 units of Follistim
17.   Wednesday morning, November 5 – 300 units of Follistim
18.   Wednesday morning, November 5 – 250 mcg of Ganirelix – NEW SHOT!!!
19.   Wednesday evening, November 5 – 300 units of Follistim
20.   Thursday morning, November 6 – 300 units of Follistim
21.   Thursday morning, November 6 – 250 mcg of Ganirelix
22.   Thursday evening, November 6 – 300 units of Follistim
23.   Friday morning, November 7 – 300 units of Follistim
24.   Friday morning, November 7 – 250 mcg of Ganirelix
25.   Friday evening, November 7 – 300 units of Follistim
26.   Saturday morning, November 8 – 300 units of Follistim
27.   Saturday morning, November 8 – 250 mcg of Ganirelix
28.   Saturday evening, November 8 – HCG Trigger Shot – Ovidrel
29.   Monday evening, November 10 – Progesterone ½ ml
30.   Tuesday evening, November 11 – Progesterone ½ ml
31.   Wednesday evening, November 12 – Progesterone 1 ml
32.   Thursday evening, November 13 – Progesterone 1 ml
33.   Friday evening, November 14 – Progesterone 1 ml
34.   Saturday evening, November 15 – Progesterone 1 ml
35.   Sunday evening, November 16 – Progesterone 1 ml – theme song from “The Big Bang Theory”
36.   Monday evening, November 17 – Progesterone 1 ml – Bon Bons commercial (
37.   Tuesday evening, November 18 – Progesterone 1 ml – “All I Want for Christmas,” by Mariah Carey
38.   Wednesday evening, November 19 – Progesterone 1 ml – “Pretty Woman”
39.   Thursday evening, November 20 – Progesterone 1 ml – “Shoo. Fly. Mosquito.” from Pioneer Park Elementary Honor Choir  (even Google has never heard this song)
40.   Friday evening, November 21 – Progesterone 1 ml – “Up On the Housetop”
41.   Saturday evening, November 22 – Progesterone 1 ml – “Kiss,” by Prince in the janitor’s closet at a wedding reception
42.   Sunday evening, November 23 – Progesterone 1 ml – “Close,” by Hillsong Young & Free
43.   Monday evening, November 24 – Progesterone 1 ml – “It’s a Hard Knock Life”
44.   Tuesday evening, November 25 – Progesterone 1 ml – “Jesus Loves Me”
45.   Wednesday evening, November 26 – Progesterone 1 ml – “Oceans,” by Hillsong United
46.   Thursday evening, November 27 – Progesterone 1 ml – “Jesus Loves the Little Children”
47.   Friday evening, November 28 – Progesterone 1 ml – “Jingle Bells” in the women’s restroom at Waterfront Grill
48.   Saturday evening, November 29 – Progesterone 1 ml – “All out of Love,” by Air Supply
49.   Sunday evening, November 30 – Progesterone 1 ml – “Rock-a-bye Baby”
50.   Monday evening, December 1 – Progesterone 1 ml – “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus”
51.   Tuesday evening, December 2 – Progesterone 1 ml – “Silent Night”
52.   Wednesday evening, December 3 – Progesterone 1 ml – “Let it Snow”
53.   Thursday evening, December 4 – Progesterone 1 ml – “You’re the One that I Want”
54.   Friday evening, December 5 – Progesterone 1 ml – “Charles Page High Forever” – in honor of Jenks High School winning the football state championship…again
55.   Saturday evening, December 6 – Progesterone 1 ml – OSU Fight Song – in honor of OSU beating OU in football as 19 ½ point underdogs
56.   Sunday evening, December 7 – Progesterone 1 ml – OSU Alma Mater – had to keep the weekend theme going, and it’s the last school song I know
57.   Monday evening, December 8 – Progesterone 1 ml – “Silent Night”…oops, I’m repeating!
58.   Tuesday evening, December 9 – Progesterone 1 ml – “The Wheels on the Bus”
59.   Wednesday evening, December 10 – Progesterone 1 ml – “Baby Got Back,” on request of Tiffany & Sadie
60.   Thursday evening, December 11 – Progesterone 1 ml – “Rudolph”
61.   Friday evening, December 12 – Progesterone 1 ml – “Frosty the Snowman”
62.   Saturday evening, December 13 – Progesterone 1 ml – “Come as You Are,” by Crowder
63.   Sunday evening, December 14 – Progesterone 1 ml – “This is Amazing Grace,” by Phil Wickham


  1. This post is wonderful! What a blessing all of your friends and family are. Bradette is so thoughtful!

    1. Yes, they are all great people. We are very blessed by them! Glad you enjoyed.

  2. Just now noticed you are listing your song selections for each shot. Can we make requests??? I think we need a little rah rah for Kappa Kappa Gamma :) Love this post and loved participating. Too bad Bradette organized this well in advance for Greg and I to get a good pic but I procrastinated and we had to take this in my apartment after a late Thursday night :) Love you both!!! Blessed to have you two in my life!

    1. You can absolutely make requests. I can PROMISE that Dr. Todd will be rolling his eyes as he gives me this shot, but I'll do it! :)

      I'm really glad that you chose to participate. You're such a good friend to both of us! We love you so very much!!

  3. Wow! I LOVE this whole team you have behind you to support you!!!!! Yes! Hebrews 6:19!

  4. What an amazing support system you have! Love this! xo