Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Frankie Say Relax

Sam & Rachel, that means you! J 
Several months ago, I blogged about two of my friends that were newly pregnant.  Well, now, they are both about to be newly mommas…as soon as bed rest is over!  J  I just want to mention them in a quick blog, so you can say prayers for them.

Samantha, she’s pregnant with one little girl, Kennedi Celeste, has probably had one of the hardest pregnancies I’ve ever heard of!  She had to have gallbladder surgery a few months ago.  (It was done laparoscopically like my procedure in August.  I was a huge mess from pain after it was over, and I wasn’t even pregnant!!)  Since then, she’s just been sick.  She didn’t get to have any of her showers or take maternity pictures.  However, she seems to be doing a little better this week.  Kennedi has been doing fine through the entire process.  She has an arrhythmia, but the doctor doesn’t seem to be too concerned with it.  Anyway, Samantha has been put on bed rest at home until Kennedi is born on April 17.

Then, there’s Rachel.  Rachel is pregnant with two little girls, Emma and Avery.  Despite having gestational diabetes (this Cookie Monster can’t imagine dealing with that), Rachel has had a pretty uneventful pregnancy, as far as I know.  However, last night, she was admitted to the hospital.  Her blood pressure won’t lower.  The girls seem to be doing fine, but they want her to stay there until she delivers.  She is almost 34 weeks along.

Both of these ladies have done a great job keeping their spirits high.  I hope I’m half as positive as they are when I’m going through my pregnancy.  They both mean a lot to me because they have been my sounding board for lots of questions through this process.  I will never be able to tell them how much I appreciate them!  That being said, please, remember to keep these two soon-to-be-mommas and all three of their little girls in your prayers today…oh, and the daddies that I hope are waiting on them hand and food.  J  I can’t wait to meet Kennedi, Emma, and Avery!

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