Friday, June 6, 2014

Ants Crawling

That title is for you, Nicho…and kind of for you too, Todd.  Don’t hate me.  J

I am so sorry that I have neglected my blog.  This entry is about to have zero to do with IVF or infertility, but I want to write this for myself.

It’s been a very busy month.  A very busy month!

One thing we did this month was attend a Dave Matthews concert with a group of girls I know from college and their husbands.  The night was not without its stories.  We started at dinner with the entire group.  Then, we split up on the walk over because our seats were not all together.  Todd and I sat with our awesome friend, Nicho.  That’s not her first name, but I’ve called her Nicho for so long that I can’t remember what her first name is anymore.  J  (Actually, when I do call her by her first name, it sounds weird.  I’m pretty sure it would be best to change her first name to Nicho when she gets married and changes her last name.  I’m glad we agree on that.) 
Awe, sweet girls.  I have such fun with you!
I have no idea what my silly monkey is doing, but I imagine it involves a shrimp and a slingshot.  Either that, or he thinks the guy behind him is famous, and he's showing his surprised face for getting a picture with him.  You pick.
Side Note:  Nicho and I have a very special bond.  We met in college, and she adopted me in our sorority whenever my "Big" left the house prematurely.  We have ways of connecting that most of our friends don't fully understand.  In just a few short weeks, Nicho and I are going to be separated by many miles and several hours as she moves to be with her new boyfriend.  It makes me sad because I am going to miss our happy hour dinners and seeing her sweet face.  We have so many awesome memories together, though, and I can’t wait to visit and add some to the list from her new home.  I love you and will miss you, friend!

So back to Dave.  Todd, Nicho, and I sat together at the concert.  We were enjoying the music, people watching, and general relaxation when we noticed on the floor of the arena was a group with flashlights making their way through the crowd while carrying a stretcher.  What?!  Minutes later, they leave the crowd with someone on the stretcher and another guy following close behind with his own personal body guards…er, I mean cops.  We never got the story on that one, but it was an interesting sight to see.  We didn’t even have to pay for that part of the show!...or maybe that’s why our cruddy seats were so expensive.  Hmmm…

Anyway, a few songs later, we had forgotten about the “somehow I put a guy on a stretcher and now I’m getting arrested” incident and were commenting about the distinct smell of whacky tobaccy all around us.  That’s when we noticed 4 cops walking up the stairs next to our section and pointing flashlights into the crowd.  I couldn’t believe cops even came to the nosebleed section, but there they were.  That’s when we saw the potentially intended culprit attempt to make a dash down the stairs, straight for 2 of the cops.  At first, he seemed to be cautious with his nimble hops down the steps.  Then, it seemed as if he thought he might be able to barrel through the cops if he picked up his speed, so he made the poor decision to do so and ended up getting man-handled OVER the railing and into the ramp area.  I was half tempted to go down to the concession area to watch the aftermath; however, we weren’t partaking in whacky tobaccy, so I made the smart decision to stay seated.  The funny thing is to think that they could have been coming up there for someone or something completely unrelated to the concert hopper.  I tell ya, paranoia is a nasty evil.

To top off the night, we ran into the lead guitarist from our church.  I only know he's the lead because Todd tells me so.  I can't hear the difference, but my man was raised in a church that taught him to pick out those different sounds.  Anyway, this guitarist happens to be our favorite.  I enjoy him because he bobs his head when he plays, and "it's as if his [head is] independent from his body."  (Friends reference for the day.)  I've never seen someone bob their head quite like that...especially to Christian music.  He makes me smile literally every Sunday that he's playing.  He's Todd's favorite because, as I said, he can actually hear him playing separate from the other instruments.  Todd says he puts real feeling into his playing, which he thoroughly enjoys.  Back on track...I saw him in line at the concert, and I had to tell him how much I loved his worship leading.  (Talking to strangers comes naturally for me, and I can only thank my mother for that.  Stranger danger was a lesson I was not taught as a child.  Instead, I was taught that sometimes asking strangers nicely will get you backstage to take a picture with Ronnie Milsap.)  So, I walked up to said guitarist (who is nameless in my blog because I still don't know his name) and asked if he played guitar at LifeChurch.  When he conceded, I exclaimed in my most mature voice, "You're my faaaaaaavorite!"  I actually drug the word out that long.  He either thought I was crazy, or he was flattered.  Either way, I got to get that off my chest.  I slept better that night.

Overall, it was a great night with great friends, and I am grateful to have everyone from that night in my life.  Even you, Dave Matthews…I think you’re pretty great, too.  Sounds great, huh?!  J

Cheers to you, Miss Nicho.  Distance may soon separate us, but you’ll always have a special place in my heart.  I love you.


  1. Ha, ha. Sounds like you have a fun friendship! Glad you didn't get mistakenly busted for being the whacky tobacy user. LOL

    1. Hahaha!! Jessah, so true. I would have been super sad to be mistakenly busted. And yes, we have a solid relationship. She's been a rock star for me through my infertility struggles. I know you have friends like that, too!

  2. This post makes me happy, happy, happy!!! I am smiling and tearing up at the same time. I had so much fun with you and Toddy that night and I don't even want to think about being separated from you! You're right, we do have a special bond that most don't understand :) and I'm SO thankful for it!! Love you so much sweet friend!

    1. I'm glad it made you happy! I am thankful for our friendship, too!! I love you so very much!