Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Quarter of IVF

This is a much overdue entry.  I apologize that it has been 5 weeks since we saw Drs. McKinney and Prough, and I haven’t blogged a thing about that appointment.  I guess Dave Matthews and my emotional breakdown were more important to me.  J  However, we do have a plan, and I shall now share said plan.

We spent some time with Dr. McKinney reviewing all of our questions about this next round of cycles.  She was very helpful. 
Then, we went in to see Dr. Prough.  He is an RE (reproductive endocrinologist, AKA IVF/IUI doctor), just like McKinney and Bundren, but he also specializes in sperm aspiration for men like Todd.  We met him in October 2010.  He was the first RE we interviewed.  His bedside manner sent us quickly walking towards a (an?) urologist.  The conversation started like this:

Dr. Prough:  Oh, I talked to you in October of 2010.
Laura:  Yes, and we ended up attempting a vasectomy reversal that failed.
Dr. Prough:   Is this a good time to tell you, ‘I told you so?”
Laura:  Only if you want me to cry.

That was that.  No more minor scolding.  J

Things went much better with Prough this time.  In fact, he informed us that he would be putting Todd completely under for his part of the procedure.  Hallelujah!  This will be the fourth procedure for Todd and the first time he gets to sleep through it.  As a side note:  For an egg retrieval, barring any hyper- (hypo-?) stimulation, you are back on your feet and *unfortunately* at work the next day.  For a sperm retrieval (MESA/TESA/TESE), you are on strict orders to not lift a thing for a week and take it pretty easy for 10 days.  I may have a lot (a lot!) of shots and uncomfortable appointments, but up through the retrieval, Todd draws the short end of the stick.  Just one of the many sacrifices he makes for others.

Anyway, we are moving in the direction of this plan:  (All of these dates are guesstimates by yours truly based on a hard-to-understand calendar I was given by the doctor.)
·         June – blood work performed on both of us for communicable diseases
·         July – keep saving money
·         8/5 – IVF information class – I asked if we had to go through this since we pretty much understand the process.  They informed me that all of their IVF patients must attend it once a year, regardless.  Todd wanted to inform them that we could teach the class.  J
·         Start Cycle 1
o   Somewhere between 8/25 & 9/4 – baseline ultrasound and start shots
o   Somewhere between 9/8 & 9/21 – retrieval
o   9/24 – PGS (Preimplantation Genetic Screening) – This is where they test the embryos to make sure they are chromosomally normal.  We have never done this before, and we are hoping it gives us answers as to what is causing us to have failed cycles.
o   9/26 – freeze embryos
·         Start Cycle 2
o   Somewhere between 10/13 & 10/23 – baseline ultrasound and start shots
o   Somewhere between 10/27 & 11/9 – retrieval
o   11/12 – PGS (Preimplantation Genetic Screening)
o   11/14 – freeze embryos
·         12/19 – FET (Frozen Embryo Transfer)

September through December of 2014 will forever be remembered as “The Quarter of IVF.”  To say that our lives will revolve around IVF at the end of this year could be a slight understatement.  Any takers on my Christmas shopping?!  If not, you’re all getting infertility pamphlets and syringes from our collection.  Don’t freak out, the syringes are new.
Now, all of this is assuming that we decide to go through with this plan.  This is the plan that TFC is drawing up in our contract.  The charges are going to be lumped together, so this will only cost $50,000 out-of-pocket.  I kid you not.  However, if things go really well with the first cycle, and we get 2 really great embryos, we could end up deciding to do a fresh transfer on September 26.  (Keep in mind that we have about 30 minutes to make a decision on whether we do a fresh transfer or not.)  At that point, we would just pay for services rendered.

I hope that makes sense.  I hope that answers any questions that may be occurring in some minds.

Most of all, I hope this works.


  1. I hope this works, too! I am sure your family would gladly accept your unused syringes! ...Come on August!

    1. I figured unused syringes are the best way to say, "I love you. Sorry if my hormone drugs make me a prick. (No pun intended.)" :)

    2. Okay, now that is a good one! I see custom syringes in your future with that logo!

  2. Oh my gosh....I'm so glad that you have a plan! And it sounds like a good one! Yippee to that...anything that feels like progress!

    1. I just wish this anxiety would go away, now. It's very frustrating to know that we have a plan, but I still can't get relaxed. I think a massage may be necessary. :)

  3. Now that we have all the dates, could you please send calendar invites. I promise not to show up, but at least I have reminders. I'm only kidding. I work on a paper calendar. :) So glad this is all set to go! Here we come August!! Love you!!

    1. Ha. You and your old-school calendar. :)

      For some reason, I feel like August may be a big month for both of us. ;-)

      Love you, too!

  4. If our urologist said "I told you so" about the vasectomy reversal, if it did fail, I'd probably kick him in a very uncomfortable place. Then cry. Our urologist, as it happens, did tell us we should just go straight to IVF because my husband has never fathered a child (he swears he got his girlfriend pregnant in his 20's but since there are two possible truth-stretchers in that scenario, I remain unconvinced) and he also has a varicocele. I figured he just wanted to sign us up for IVF and pocket the money. But I realize that the reversal may not work and soon, I may be the one typing "And it will only cost $50,000!"

    Good luck to you in the quarter! Baby dust or whatever they say. Keep us updated!

    1. Oh, Dayna. Don't listen to him. You have to go with what your gut is telling you. Todd and I did. We don't regret that. We did what we thought was best. You know all of that, though. I think that trying the reversal first is the best idea because *miracles* happen all the time. Why can't they happen to us?! You're headed down the right path for you and Blue Eyes. I have every confidence that I'm going to be reading an entry from you soon that says, "It worked!!"

      Sending baby dust right back to you! :) *Hugs*

    2. You're right. Our guts tell us that this is what we want to try first. We leave on Thursday morning for Texas to see Dr. Hickman and hope he can glue Pete back together again. And YOU will have your long-awaited baby very soon. I feel good things are afoot in the coming season.

    3. I am so excited for you! I can't wait to read the blog updates. We are BOTH going to have those babies soon. Bring on the sleepless nights!! (I hope you're preparing Toast for this change. I feel many complaint blogs in the future.)

  5. I really hope this works for you. I'm so glad to see that you're moving forward with a solid plan.

    1. Thanks, Jessah! This will be my first time to step into the world of multiple retrievals. I know that you fully understand how scary that can be. My fingers and toes are crossed. :)