Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Facebook Rules, Mood Swings Drool

*I updated the name of this entry. My creative juices just hit me!

Today, I put a simple post on Facebook that said, “Blogging is therapeutic.” I have had the most awesome response from it. Several people have messaged or commented to encourage me on my journey. Some of them have actually gone through IVF while the others are just amazingly sympathetic. It’s crazy how many people have gone through fertility issues and you never knew about it. What I have learned is that my blog is helpful to at least one other woman. I said from the beginning that I was writing this blog 1) to help me remember what all I went through (since my pregnancy brain has kicked in with Lupron) and 2) to hopefully help someone else going through the same thing. Mission accomplished!!!

The other day, I was asking my mom if this many of her friends had trouble getting pregnant. Back when she was having my sisters, IVF was unheard of. With me, it was still so new that I doubt she had ever heard of it personally. I asked her what they used to do when they couldn’t get pregnant, and she said they adopted. However, it makes me wonder why it seems that so many more people are turning to infertility treatments nowadays then adopted back in the day. (Does that make sense, or am I rambling, again?) It just dawned on me. Women didn’t used to wait as long to have children as we do now. That’s probably it. I bet the average age of mothers is higher than it used to be. Nothing wrong with that, though. I’ll be 32 before I get pregnant and close to 33 when I have the baby. That’s just the first one! (Todd, don’t even start on the “we’ll have one and see how you do before we have the second”. J He loves that line as much as I love the “You have kids?!” line that I use when he tells someone about our first three. Such comedians. ) Anyway, so I just went through an entire train of thought while typing. Must be fun for any readers I have. In this paragraph, I basically stated and solved a problem. Yay, me!

So on another note, Todd is learning to handle my mood swings very well. This morning, I told him I was having an emotional day…again. He said, “Did something happen or just Lupron?” J He’s learning so well! For the most part, my mood swings haven’t been anything different than what they were before. I think after we’re through with all of this, he’ll still be saying, “Did something happen or just because you’re a woman?” J

Floating house update: Our wood floors are still there and stained. Nothing else has happened. Basically, there is no update to give. I just wanted everyone to rest assured that our wood floors haven’t gone anywhere. J We should be getting baseboards tomorrow. My husband is diligently working to get our home put back together, which means he still isn’t traveling. Yay for no traveling!! Tonight will be our first night back in the house, so pray that I don’t step on any tack strips in the dark. Yikes!


  1. "Is that you, or the Lupron talking?" Is the famous question my husband keeps asking me.. Hope you have a good night back in your home! There's no place like home.