Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Hot Flashes and Headaches and Memory Loss…Oh My!

The side effects are starting to kick-in.  Yay me!

First off are the hot flashes.  They aren’t as bad as I had expected just yet, but I know they’re going to get worse.  They really only come at night and when I’m at work.  I can’t stop sleeping because that’s unhealthy, so I think I’m going to quit my job.  That should solve half of that problem.  J  When I’m at work, I notice that they come when I start to feel overwhelmed or have been on my feet for a very long time.  Therefore, since I can’t actually quit my job, I’m going to push all of my work off onto other people and sit on my rear all day.  Better plan.  J  Oh, and my face is always shiny, now.  It's starting to make me wonder if pregnant women are "glowing" because of their pregnancy or because they're always hot.  I do not like sweating!  I just bought stock in Secret!

Headaches are the next side effect.  Last week, I had a headache for pretty much 4 days straight.  (I can’t complain, though, because these are nothing like what my cousin, Bradette, puts up with every day…and hers has no end in sight.  However, at least I have her to sympathize for me!)  The doctor said to take OTC pain meds, 25mg of Benadryl, and 6 ounces of REAL pop.  I love you, Mr. Pepsi!  I put off this concoction for as long as I could because I was worried the Benadryl would put me to sleep, and the pop counteracts the walking I’ve been doing.  However, it got bad enough last week that I couldn’t resist.  It did help alleviate the pain more than anything else had.  I did the same thing on Saturday night and yesterday.  I didn’t have any pop at my house on Saturday night, and of course Todd was out of town on business.  My dad came over and brought me a real Coke.  Isn’t that sweet?!  Then, Mom came over and walked Sunday night.  About 20 minutes later, she rang my doorbell with an 8-pack of those little mini-Pepsis.  Now, I have caffeine at home and work and not too much that I waste any.  I seriously have the best parents in the world.  Hope they’re ready to learn to give me my shots when Todd’s away!  (Or Todd could quit his job.  Hmmm…we’re going to be a non-working family if I keep up this planning!)

Then, there is the insomnia.  I haven’t slept much for the last week.  Or has it been two weeks?  I can’t remember, but that brings me to the next side effect…

The most entertaining side effect is the memory loss.  I have to write everything down these days.  I just called my doctor because I am having a side effect today that was not on the list.  No bueno.  Anyway, the nurse was asking questions, and I seriously had no recollection of the answers.  She basically wanted to know details about things that happened a week ago.  Usually, I am Johnny-On-the-Spot, but even now, I have no idea what the answers are.  No memory of it.  Last Friday, I got halfway to work and started wondering where my lunch was.  I pulled over on the BA Expressway and started searching my car frantically.  Then, I started wondering if I had left it on the bar in the kitchen or on top of my car.  It stressed me out, not because I was going to have to do something different for lunch, but because I really didn’t want to lose my cute lunch bag and FOUR Tupperware containers.  Luckily, I left it on the bar at home, and it was still chilled enough to eat later.  J  See, the bag and containers are top-notch!!!...or do I just keep it as cold as a refrigerator in the house these days?  Something to ponder….

Other than that, the Lupron phase is going pretty well.  I talked to 2 girls last night that had to take this shot.  When I said I was on it, they just apologized.  They said this was the worst phase for them, and they are both on their third IVF cycle and second IVF pregnancy.  Therefore, if I can get through this, it should be smoother sailing until the end.

On another note, I’ve started taking Yoga.  My sweet, sweet friend, Heather, is taking it with me.  So far, we have only been to one class, but we have a date for class two.  I love it.  It’s so relaxing.  Plus, it’s a beginner class, so she just focuses on a couple of poses for the entire class.  It feels awesome!  I think it will definitely help with the stress of the IVF situation.  Thanks for going with me, Nicho!  You will never know how much I appreciate you!!

Also, I have orientation for boot camp on Saturday.  I’m going to be one fit woman!

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  1. I LOVE it that you are my yoga buddy! I would have never done it otherwise!!! :) See you Saturday!