Friday, November 9, 2012

I Love My Lupron Friends and Nurses!!

Well, yesterday was my third Lupron shot.  As usual, the shot was easy-breezy, but boy, did we learn a lot about what my body is doing.

First of all, I have been having pain in my knees and wrists lately.  I thought it was because of my increased boot camp.  However, it turns out that the Lupron is literally sucking all of the fluid from my joints.  It’s one of the awesome side effects of menopause.  I didn’t even know this might be another symptom until I talked to Chelsea (the used-to-be-stranger that commented on one of my blog entries).  She just happened to mention that if my joints started hurting to increase my fish oil.  Because of Chelsea, I asked Kelly, the nurse, about my pain yesterday.  She equated my pain to old women that seem to walk around all scrunched up from pain in their joints.  I knew what she was talking about exactly!  I’ve even heard my mom and grandma talk about how it can hurt to sit and stand sometimes.  Mimi makes lots of “ooo ooo” sounds as she moving.  Anyway, Kelly prescribed me Osteo Bi-Flex and told me not to do any jumping for the next few weeks, at least; I could actually damage my bones from trying to do too much without the fluid in my joints.  Thank goodness Kelly seems to have an answer to all of my symptoms!  (Thanks for the heads-up, Chelsea!)

The next thing we learned was that every 3 weeks or so after a shot, my body may start to actually go into withdrawals from not having Lupron.  This can cause pretty bad mood swings.  For the last week, I have had a much harder time keeping my moods stabilized.  I was actually in tears when we got to the doctor yesterday from stuff that normally wouldn’t have made me cry.  When I went to the restroom before my appointment, Todd told Kelly that I was “having a bad day”.  Luckily, she had an answer for this, too.  Increase my Fish Oil and Vitamin B6.

Hopefully, in about a week, I’ll notice my moods getting better and my joints being less painful.  I’m so very thankful for my Lupron friends and awesome nurses that can help me through this!  The first six weeks of this, I thought it was going to be a cake walk.  This last two weeks has really started taking a toll on my body.  I just hope Todd can withstand the mood swings.  J  Maybe I need to be buying him flowers!

Happy Friday everyone!

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  1. Your old lady-ness will soon fade ;-) Happy Shot #3! Getting Closer! The Osteo Bi-Flex sounds like a good idea. I'm still having old lady pains, so I may see about taking some. Don't feel too bad about your mood swings...I started on BC on the 31st and I am still crazy. My husband thinks I am out of control. Hey - Maybe I am. :) Take Care and Have a GOOD weekend!