Friday, November 9, 2012

Tiff and Stew Say I Do

*I'm going to add more pictures to this post when I get them off my camera.  This is just what I had on my phone.

Last weekend was an amazing weekend!...well, mostly.  J

We went to Austin to see our dear friends, Tiffany and Stew, get married.  Tiffany and I have been friends since college.  She’s one of the greatest friends a girl could have, and I’m not exaggerating.  She lived in Tulsa until earlier this year when she moved to Austin to be with Stew.  She is one of the only three friends that always made an effort to come to Dallas to see us.  Several times, Tiffany has given me clothes that she no longer wore.  Inevitably, they end up becoming staples in my wardrobe.  Recently, she mailed me a top that she had loaned me to take to Mexico last year.  I kept asking her what the brand was, so I could look for one like it; she ended up just giving it to me.  Anyway, at her rehearsal dinner, I fell in love with her dress.  Todd teased me and said, “Maybe if you ask her about it enough, she’ll give it to you someday.”  J  Anyway, all of this is to say that Tiffany is great.  We both adore her, and we adore Stew.  We couldn’t be happier that they have found each other…even if it means she has to live so far away from us.

About a month ago, Tiffany decided she was giving up on finding an Elvis impersonator to marry them and asked Todd to do it.  I know, awesome, right?!  Todd got ordained on the Internet and was ready to go!

He left on Wednesday to head to Austin for work.  The house didn’t even float away!  J  I left Thursday night, so I could be there to spend some time with Tiffany on Friday and go to the rehearsal dinner.

To back-up just a step, though.  Todd was awoken at 4am Thursday morning by Austin Police.  Apparently, Todd resembled a fugitive one of the valet guys had seen on TV.  His name was even similar.  They questioned him for about 40 minutes before deciding he wasn’t a fugitive.  J  Here’s a guy with status at this hotel that has accumulated thousands of points over the last few months, and the manager couldn’t figure out it might be a mistake?!  Anyway, they had told Todd there were no upgrade rooms when he had checked in.  Guess what magically came open later that day for us?  An upgraded room!  We were in a suite!!  It had an entry, living room, bedroom, and TWO bathrooms.  I even had a vanity.  I loved it!  So nice to get the travel perks!!

Friday morning, I woke-up with a very upset stomach.  I ended up having food poisoning.  I missed breakfast with Tiffany and Stew and our other good friends, Angela and Adam.  (Tiffany brought me a gift bag full of snacks, drinks, and medicine.  Even on her wedding weekend, she’s taking care of me.  See, I told you she was great!)  About 6 hours later, I had expelled the demon from my body.  We made it to the rehearsal dinner and had a fabulous time!  We were supposed to ride The Big Brown Bus with the group, but I wasn’t feeling it.  Anyway, we drove out to Salt Lick in Driftwood, Texas.  It was a huge barbecue place with multiple buildings and lots of outdoor seating.  The food was great, even though I was only able to take a couple of bites of everything.  Afterwards, everyone else got to go celebrate some more, but I had to go to bed.  I was swamped from the days’ activities, and I had a headache.  I knew that if I was going to enjoy the next day, I needed to get some sleep.

The next morning, I was starting to feel myself, again.  Todd and I had awesome waffles at the hotel breakfast, which my stomach much appreciated.  Then, we met Tiff and Stew at the CTC Gardens for their rehearsal.  The place was perfect for Tiffany.  I couldn’t wait to get back there that night.  The only problem was that mosquitos were alive all over the gardens that morning.  (They seemed to be gone by the time we arrived later in the day.)
Oh, the mosquitos!
 Then, was the wedding.  It was perfect!  Tiffany had planned this wedding to be just like the two of them from the programs to the music to the decorations.  They even had a food truck serve hamburgers and French fries and another one serve awesome cupcakes with the best frosting!...and I consider myself a frosting connoisseur.  J  Instead of a guest book, she had everyone sign a basketball.  (They got engaged while playing basketball together.)  Tiffany’s dress was perfect, too!  She looked so happy.  She made a perfect bride.  Todd did a fabulous job.  He had rehearsed the ceremony with the two of them, and he added a few personal touches.  During the vows, he actually made Tiffany say, “I, Tiffany, take thee, Stewbert.”  She got the giggles.  It was priceless.
Overall, the weekend may have started out rocky, but it ended wonderfully!  I’m so glad we were able to be there to celebrate with such an amazing couple.  I’m so very happy for them.
ADDITION:  We, also, had Tiffany's bachelorette party in Dallas two weekends before the wedding.  It was a blast!  There were about 8 of us.  We stayed at a boutique-esque hotel in downtown Dallas, Hotel Indigo.  We went to dinner at The Chesterfield.  Then, we hit Uptown for some celebrating.  Tiffany is a great sport at posing for all of my pictures!  J
The silly bride

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