Monday, November 5, 2012

It’s a girl!!

I have been waiting until the mother said I could announce this, but she made it official by putting it on Facebook today. Then, I was waiting for Todd to call me, so he could be the first to hear the great news. However, he’s too busy gallivanting on the golf course today. So, I’m blogging it first!!

Todd’s childhood best friend, Michael, and his wife, Samantha, are pregnant! They are the first text I blogged about weeks ago, and I said I had to wait at least another 6 weeks to tell their names. They went through IVF, too. Another success story!!! We are so excited for them! The best part is that they are getting a little girl. Todd said Michael has always been great with the ladies, so I know he’ll be a great father to one. J

For those that don’t know the back story, Sam and Mike have been back in our lives for about 5 years, I think. Todd and Mike had lost touch because they didn’t have their awesome wives to keep them in contact with each other. J When I started dating Todd, I kept hearing about this Mike guy. He told so many stories about them growing up together. Anyway, I decided to look on MySpace (yes, we were still using MySpace, so maybe it’s been longer) to see if I could find him. I did. He only lived about 20 minutes away from us at the time, so I sent him a message. Sam happened to be the one that checked their account and called him to tell him some girl was messaging him about a guy named Todd Provence. He asked if Todd looked like Ben Affleck (I still don’t see the resemblance, but it’s a funny part of the story), and Sam agreed that maybe he did. Anyway, we made a dinner date for them, and they were reunited at Uncle Julio’s in Addison, Texas. They are seriously adorable together. I love watching their relationship and how Todd lights up when he gets to talk to Mike. It’s like talking to a brother for him. Mike was in our wedding, and that really meant a lot to Todd and me.

Samantha and I have a special bond because she’s been through IVF, and I’m going through it…plus, our husbands are secretly in love. She’s one of those people that are beautiful inside and out, and I know that sounds cliché. It’s so true, though. She’s like a real-life Barbie doll. J We’ve always gotten along so well, and I’m blessed to have her to answer all of my questions about IVF, too! Between her and Rachel, I tend to blow-up their phones anytime I need to know something. Thanks for being so great, Sam!!

Todd and I feel blessed to have them as friends and are elated that they are going to be parents soon! Congratulations, Sam and Mike! We are so thrilled for you!!

(By the way, I asked Todd the other day if he was sure he was still up for the challenge of having more kids at his age. Not that he’s old, but I wanted to make sure he still wanted to do this, again. His response was, “If Mike can do it, so can I.” They are so cute together!)
The Happy Parents

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