Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Compliments = Motivation

Well, this isn’t quite going to be an exciting blog entry, but I know my mom is anticipating it.  J  Basically, the reason I have decided to start blogging this adventure is two-fold:
1.       I realize that I can and will succeed at this new plan.
2.       I’ve been receiving some amazing compliments.  And compliments, my friend, turn into motivation.  Thanks to the compliments, I’m finally feeling more confident about myself, which is the main reason I have decided to blog, again.

Therefore, I have decided not to keep this a secret.  Now, I will tell you about my compliments, mainly because I want to have them somewhere that I can go read them again if I start to struggle.  I realize I still have a lot of work left ahead of me, but I’ve finally got a solid start!
·       This past weekend, we were on our way to the lake.  We stopped at Subway to get dinner for Todd and the kids.  (I brought along my own food because I’m that determined.)  When I came out of the restroom, all 3 of the kids started asking me if I had lost weight.  They were super sweet about it.  It made my evening.  [Funny side note:  When Kaleb was about 12, we took the kids to Great Wolf Lodge.  I came out in my swimsuit, and he said to me, “It looks like you’ve lost 12 pounds.”  We still have no idea where he came up with that number, but that kid sure put a smile on my face!]
·       When we got to the lake, my cousin, Bradette, made a huge deal off and on all weekend about how much she could see a difference in my size.  I know she would never lie to me, so that made me feel super good.
·       On Monday, I had to go into a department I hadn’t been into for a few weeks.  As soon as I walked in, one of the ladies said, “Whoa, you look amazing!”  Then, two other ladies chimed in agreeing with her and asking what I was doing to lose my weight.
·       Every time my mom and Todd see me, they give me compliments.  The other day, Todd told me my belly was shrinking as fast as my chest.  Now, some women might take offense to that, but I loved it!  You see, I lose in my chest first every time.  Therefore, I knew that my weight loss has potentially moved from the chest to the tummy, and I’m happy wherever I can lose.

I do feel better about myself.  I haven’t felt this physically good in a very long time.  It just makes me happy.  Now, I’m headed to eat a Snicker’s…

Nooooooo, I’m only kidding.  I just ate shrimp, real peanut butter, and a spinach and tomato salad.  Yum!  Food is fuel, baby!!


  1. Oh oh, speaking of peanut butter, have you tried the powdered peanut butter? I know it sounds weird and processed, but they just literally press it to get most of the oil out so it's literally just the peanut sans oil! You can use it in shakes, or just mix water with it and use it like peanut butter. It's actually a big hit at my house, and Allan is a HUGE peanut butter snob! And cause it's mostly protien, I like it as a quick after-workout snack. AND there's a chocolate version. I got some on Amazon and then discovered that our local grocery store sells it. I know you're on the meal plan right now, but just a heads-up! :) Look at those reviews!

    1. I’ve never heard of powdered peanut butter. I might try that, too. Although, I do love my natural stuff. I could eat it by the gallons! (I’m actually drinking a smoothie with apples, protein powder, and peanut butter now. Yum!)