Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Let Me Live That Fantasy

Pregnancy test – 2 days

All I want for Christmas is a pregnancy!  (See how well that goes together?!)

I fantasize about what it would be like to be pregnant.  I fantasize about having a newborn baby to hold and raise just the way we want.  I fantasize about being called a mom.  Le sigh.  My newest fantasy is hearing Mary Kathryn say, “Hey, girl.  It’s Mary Kathryn.  Well…you’re pregnant.”  If you don’t know Mary Kathryn, you can’t imagine how it would sound coming out of her mouth, but when you’re one of her IVF girls, you know her voice almost better than you know your own husband’s.  I know exactly how it will sound, and I can’t wait to hear those words.  Only 2 measly more days.  Le sigh.
On another note, I thought I would give a few pointers about Progesterone shots for any of my IVF friends that are just now embarking upon this journey.  Obviously, I haven’t been blessed with taking this shot for an entire first trimester…yet.  However, I’ve had enough of them that we have figured out what works for me.  I do not think I’m an expert.  Just an expert on my shots.  J  These tricks may or may not work for you, but I’m giving some pointers to ask your nurse/doctor about.
1.       Ice before your shot.  I was told to heat before and after.  Then, I was told to ice before and heat after.  I have found that icing before the shot numbs the skin enough to cut the pain down substantially.
2.       Make sure to keep your weight off the foot on the side he’s shooting.  If you’re doing the right side, take all of the weight off the right foot, etc.  I can’t explain why, but this definitely helps.
3.       When your “nurse”/Mad Scientist Husband inserts the needle, have them do it quickly, flicking their wrist like they’re throwing a dart.  Slow insertion = painful insertion.  He doesn’t have to go all the way to the base of the needle with this motion.  Just get it started.  Trust me, it makes it feel more like a mosquito bite and less like torture.  J
4.       Heat after your shot.  Apply heat and rub the area.  This helps disperse the oil-based medication, so you don’t gets knots.

This won’t make the shots completely painless, but hopefully, my tips might help you.  I feel like Todd and I have mastered this shot, finally.  However, check back with me in a few weeks, and I may be singing a different tune about knots and bruises.  J

T.W.O M.O.R.E D.A.Y.S!!!

Shot Scoreboard:
1.       Sunday morning – 225IU Follistim
2.       Sunday evening – 225IU Repronex in 1cc sodium chloride
3.       Monday morning – 225IU Follistim
4.       Monday evening – 225IU Repronex in 1cc sodium chloride
5.       Tuesday morning – 225IU Follistim
6.       Tuesday evening – 225IU Repronex in 1cc sodium chloride
7.       Wednesday morning – 225IU Follistim
8.       Wednesday evening – 225IU Repronex in 1cc sodium chloride
9.       Thursday morning – 225IU Follistim
10.   Thursday evening – 225IU Repronex in 1cc sodium chloride
11.   Friday morning – 225IU Follistim
12.   Friday evening – 225IU Repronex in 1cc sodium chloride
13.   Saturday morning – 250mcg Ganirelix
14.   Saturday evening – 375IU Repronex in 1cc sodium chloride
15.   Sunday morning – 250mcg Ganirelix
16.   Sunday evening – 375IU Repronex in 1cc sodium chloride
17.   Monday morning – 250mcg Ganirelix
18.   Monday evening – Pregnyl, hCG trigger shot
19.   Wednesday evening – 0.5cc Progesterone
20.   Thursday evening – 0.5cc Progesterone
21.   Friday evening – 1cc Progesterone
22.   Saturday evening – 1cc Progesterone
23.   Sunday evening – 1cc Progesterone
24.   Monday evening – 1cc Progesterone
25.   Tuesday evening – 1cc Progesterone
26.   Wednesday evening – 1cc Progesterone
27.   Thursday evening – 2cc Progesterone
28.   Friday evening – 2cc Progesterone
29.   Saturday evening – 2cc Progesterone
30.   Sunday evening – 2cc Progesterone
31.   Monday evening – 2cc Progesterone


  1. TWO MORE DAYS!! You are literally waiting on pins and needles. :)
    I can hear MK say, HEY GIRL. I am praying you get THAT exact call.

    1. Isn't it funny how prominent her voice becomes in your head?! Yes, I'm on pins and needles. Can't wait!!!