Monday, December 2, 2013

Benadryl Haze

Pregnancy test – 3 days

This blog entry is going to be all over the place, and I blame the Benadryl!

We had a pretty eventful week in the Provence house.  The kids came to Tulsa on Tuesday with Taylor (our 14-year old) having a cold.  By Wednesday evening, Kaleb (our 17-year old) wasn’t feeling well.  He ended up having the flu, so I spent Thursday through Sunday at my mom and dad’s.  My mother is a great nurse, though, so I felt very much at ease.  We had fun watching football all together when I could stay awake.  Oh, I forgot to mention that I think I took Taylor’s cold from her.  I was feeling pretty icky one and off on Friday and all day Saturday and Sunday.  I’m in a drug-induced haze right now.  I’m just worried about the embabies, but I hope they are okay.  The weekend culminated with the girls getting their first flu shots ever.  Todd and I have agreed this will become our duty for future flu seasons.

Friday evening, we went with my cousins and uncle to see Catching Fire.  I don’t think anyone liked it as much as Todd and I did.  Maybe it was because we read the books, but I highly recommend both.

Saturday morning, I did get to have breakfast with my sweet, funny friend, Ashleigh.  We talked and talked and talked and took up the waitress’ table.  When we finally checked, we realized we had been visiting for 2.5 hours!!  It was a perfect morning, though.  Thanks for taking the time to meet up with me, Ash!!

On another note, our final embryo did not progress far enough to be frozen.  Now, we just have to hope that the three inside of me are still growing and sticking.  As of today, implantation should be complete, and they are continuing to secrete hCG and developing into a fetus.  That’s so cool!!

I came home to my house last night to find that Todd and the kids had put up all of our interior Christmas decorations.  I was so pumped!!  He’s a good, good man.

See, I told you it was all over the place!

Shot Scoreboard:
1.       Sunday morning – 225IU Follistim
2.       Sunday evening – 225IU Repronex in 1cc sodium chloride
3.       Monday morning – 225IU Follistim
4.       Monday evening – 225IU Repronex in 1cc sodium chloride
5.       Tuesday morning – 225IU Follistim
6.       Tuesday evening – 225IU Repronex in 1cc sodium chloride
7.       Wednesday morning – 225IU Follistim
8.       Wednesday evening – 225IU Repronex in 1cc sodium chloride
9.       Thursday morning – 225IU Follistim
10.    Thursday evening – 225IU Repronex in 1cc sodium chloride
11.    Friday morning – 225IU Follistim
12.     Friday evening – 225IU Repronex in 1cc sodium chloride
13.     Saturday morning – 250mcg Ganirelix
14.     Saturday evening – 375IU Repronex in 1cc sodium chloride
15.     Sunday morning – 250mcg Ganirelix
16.    Sunday evening – 375IU Repronex in 1cc sodium chloride
17.    Monday morning – 250mcg Ganirelix
18.    Monday evening – Pregnyl, hCG trigger shot
19.     Wednesday evening – 0.5cc Progesterone
20.    Thursday evening – 0.5cc Progesterone
21.     Friday evening – 1cc Progesterone
22.     Saturday evening – 1cc Progesterone
23.     Sunday evening – 1cc Progesterone
24.    Monday evening – 1cc Progesterone
25.    Tuesday evening – 1cc Progesterone
26.    Wednesday evening – 1cc Progesterone
27.    Thursday evening – 2cc Progesterone
28.    Friday evening – 2cc Progesterone
29.    Saturday evening – 2cc Progesterone
30.    Sunday evening – 2cc Progesterone


  1. Ah, I am SO glad I got to see you too! I seriously cannot believe how quickly that 2.75 hours went! **hugs**

    1. Seriously! It was so fun catching up. We need an entire day next time. :)

  2. P.S. If you end up with enough girls, you should totally name one Jenny. Or Lawson would be a really fantastic boy's name, on second thought! ;)

    1. I have a sister named Jenny. Wonder what Jenny Lawson's middle name is. Hmmm... I do like Lawson, though..if I don't use Emaleigh, of course. :) (I can't remember how you spelled the first part.)