Monday, November 24, 2014

Desperate Times

This weekend was a perfect mixture of busy and lazy.  Todd mentioned that he was surprised that I slept for so long on Saturday afternoon, so maybe my first pregnancy symptom is exhaustion.  (I won’t mention that my whole life, I’ve been able to fall asleep if I lay horizontal on a soft surface.  It’s a party trick of mine.)

Saturday night, we attended a 1920’s themed wedding reception.  Unfortunately for anyone reading, we chose to wear our Sunday best as opposed to costumes.  It was cheaper and less stressful.  J  I’m not very good at putting together costumes. 
Here are my gorgeous parents.
I wish I had taken a picture of my sister, Jenny, and her boyfriend, Jason.  She looked stunning.  (Instead, I will post a picture of them at the last wedding we attended before this one.  Also, I'll throw in a bonus of her catching the bouquet at that wedding because the faces of her and my daughter, Taylor, are priceless.)
However, as the night was nearing an end, Todd and I found ourselves on a deadline we would not be able to make it home for – 9:45pm Progesterone shot.  No worries, we came prepared.  I had seen a family restroom, so we decided it would be fine for him to give me the shot in there.  Unfortunately for us, that restroom was locked for the evening.

I found the groom and asked if there was a private room we could borrow for a minute.  He showed me what he thought were some options, and Todd and I began our scavenger hunt.

Every door was locked and the one hidden area we thought might be safe was entirely too dark to be drawing medicine from a vial at the exact amount.

With much hesitation, we headed to our last option…the janitor’s closet.  Desperate times call for desperate measures.
Dr. Todd getting the shot ready whilst holding the door shut with his back.
Can't pass-up a selfie in a janitor's closet.  Todd's arm is holding the door shut.
(For the record, as we left the party, “Kiss” by Prince was playing, so Todd enjoyed my special sounds-more-like-Pretty-Woman rendition of that during the shot.  Check the shot clock below to see the rest of the songs I've been singing for my sweet Dr. Todd.)

Escaping the closet without being seen proved to be a much easier task than I initially had thought.  Whew!

Please, don’t forget about the giveaway that’s still happening until Thursday.

Shot Clock:
1.       Tuesday morning, October 28 – 300 units of Follistim
2.       Tuesday evening, October 28 – 300 units of Follistim
3.       Wednesday morning, October 29 – 300 units of Follistim
4.       Wednesday evening, October 29 – 300 units of Follistim
5.       Thursday morning, October 30 – 300 units of Follistim
6.       Thursday evening, October 30 – 300 units of Follistim
7.       Friday morning, October 31 – 300 units of Follistim
8.       Friday evening, October 31 – 300 units of Follistim
9.       Saturday morning, November 1 – 300 units of Follistim
10.   Saturday evening, November 1 – 300 units of Follistim
11.   Sunday morning, November 2 – 300 units of Follistim
12.   Sunday evening, November 2 – 300 units of Follistim
13.   Monday morning, November 3 – 300 units of Follistim
14.   Monday evening, November 3 – 300 units of Follistim
15.   Tuesday morning, November 4 – 300 units of Follistim
16.   Tuesday evening, November 4 – 300 units of Follistim
17.   Wednesday morning, November 5 – 300 units of Follistim
18.   Wednesday morning, November 5 – 250 mcg of Ganirelix – NEW SHOT!!!
19.   Wednesday evening, November 5 – 300 units of Follistim
20.   Thursday morning, November 6 – 300 units of Follistim
21.   Thursday morning, November 6 – 250 mcg of Ganirelix
22.   Thursday evening, November 6 – 300 units of Follistim
23.   Friday morning, November 7 – 300 units of Follistim
24.   Friday morning, November 7 – 250 mcg of Ganirelix
25.   Friday evening, November 7 – 300 units of Follistim
26.   Saturday morning, November 8 – 300 units of Follistim
27.   Saturday morning, November 8 – 250 mcg of Ganirelix
28.   Saturday evening, November 8 – HCG Trigger Shot – Ovidrel
29.   Monday evening, November 10 – Progesterone ½ ml
30.   Tuesday evening, November 11 – Progesterone ½ ml
31.   Wednesday evening, November 12 – Progesterone 1 ml
32.   Thursday evening, November 13 – Progesterone 1 ml
33.   Friday evening, November 14 – Progesterone 1 ml
34.   Saturday evening, November 15 – Progesterone 1 ml
35.   Sunday evening, November 16 – Progesterone 1 ml – theme song from “The Big Bang Theory”
36.   Monday evening, November 17 – Progesterone 1 ml – Bon Bons commercial (
37.   Tuesday evening, November 18 – Progesterone 1 ml – “All I Want for Christmas,” by Mariah Carey
38.   Wednesday evening, November 19 – Progesterone 1 ml – “Pretty Woman”
39.   Thursday evening, November 20 – Progesterone 1 ml – “Shoo. Fly. Mosquito.” from Pioneer Park Elementary Honor Choir  (even Google has never heard this song)
40.   Friday evening, November 21 – Progesterone 1 ml – “Up On the Housetop”
41.   Saturday evening, November 22 – Progesterone 1 ml – “Kiss,” by Prince in the janitor’s closet at a wedding reception
42.   Sunday evening, November 23 – Progesterone 1 ml – “Close,” by Hillsong Young & Free


  1. Ha, ha. Love your janitors closet pic! A had to give me a shot in his truck once and in a women's restroom in a restaurant once. You gotta do what you gotta do! Lol

    1. Oh, Jessah! That's hilarious. We considered the women's restroom on Saturday. For some reason, Todd was more comfortable in the janitor's closet. :)

    2. Jessah, I have officially joined the women's restroom club...with cousin and sister watching the door. :)

  2. What a fun weekend! Y'all are adorable! Way to get creative with that shot ;)

    1. Thanks, Caroline! We had to do one in a women's restroom this weekend. It's starting to get freaky! ;-)

  3. haha! Love the janitors closet! Thanks for the laugh today! xo