Thursday, April 16, 2015

Surgery in Review

Well, it’s been 8 days, so it’s probably about due time I update my blog with the details of my surgery last week.  As I said last Tuesday, I found out that morning that what we thought was a hysteroscopy was actually a hysteroscopy and D&C. 

Basically, a hysteroscopy is a procedure where the doctor inserts a lighted tube into the vagina to examine the cervix and inside of the uterus.  A D&C (dilation and curettage) is a procedure where the doctor removes tissue from inside of the uterus.  It’s performed after a miscarriage.  (I should have googled the definitely of a hysteroscopy sooner.  My bad.)

Todd, my mom, and I arrived at the hospital Wednesday morning and everything went mostly as planned.  They ran at least 30 minutes behind taking me to surgery, but I didn’t really care.  I had good company.
My cheering section
Dr. Nilson came in to talk to us.  That was the first time Todd or my mom had met him.  We asked a lot of questions, especially about why he had decided to do a D&C without our knowledge.  Basically, he informed us that the amount of tissue left in my uterus had a higher probability of causing scar tissue than a D&C did.  Well, get it out, Doc!

Finally, they came to take me to surgery.  On my way out the door, my Mimi and her fiancé showed up.  That was a fun surprise, if only for a minute.  Dr. Nilson quickly entered the OR after I did and stood with a comforting hand on my hip until I went into la-la land.

After surgery, Dr. Nilson informed Todd that part of my uterine septum had reappeared.  (A uterine septum is a growth at the top of the uterus that causes it to be heart-shaped, as opposed to triangular shaped.  If an embryo attaches to it, you will have a miscarriage.) 
My septum was not this big this go around.
I wasn’t even aware that this could grow back.  Either that or Dr. Bundren didn’t get it all when he did my hysteroscopy, laparoscopy, and uterine septum removal back in August 2012.  After Dr. Bundren had removed it, I was required to go into a state of menopause for 4 months.  We won’t even rehash those memories, again.  It was awful.  Luckily, this recovery shouldn’t take more than a month because the septum was smaller, and I won't require one drop of Lupron.  Hallelujah!
I had considerable pain after the surgery, so I was given a dose of morphine.  Yum…until it’s time to eat.  Nausea deluxe that day!  Todd had to suffer McDonald’s for lunch, per my request, and I ended up not being able to eat it.  Sorry, honey.  Way to take one for the team, though!  I did, however, eat the dinner our LifeGroup brought us late that night.  Double yum!!

Overall, seemed to be a good surgery.  Everything went pretty smoothly.  I’m glad we can finally move past that mess of a 4-month miscarriage!


  1. so glad everything went well! Thank you for the update!! xo

  2. I'm behind in my blog reading (as usual), but glad you posted an update. Hoping this is the next step towards a successful cycle! xx

    1. Oh, I am the queen of reading blogs late. I try to stay within 3 weeks of them being posted, so they don't drop off my BlogLovin feed. Ha!

      Thanks you for your support, Lisa! *Hugs*