Thursday, September 4, 2014

Team Baby Provence

As promised yesterday, I’m going to brag on my friends and family.  I would like to preface this by saying that there have been several people send me messages showing their love and support for this cycle.  However, I can’t possibly go through and recognize all of them.  Sorry for that, but I love and appreciate all of you and your efforts!
This has been a pretty awesome week.  We have been extremely busy, so I’m going to give an update on our free time in the form of pictures…with words, of course because I don’t know how to not use words. 
(For the record, I know that no one probably really cares about all of these details of my week, but I want to remember them forever.  It’s been the best kick-off to an IVF cycle that anyone…ANYONE has ever had!)
On Friday, I received one of my very favorite things in the world…SNAIL MAIL!  My dear friend, Ashleigh, sent me this awesome cell phone case, and my sister-in-law sent me these adorable anchor earrings.  I was so surprised and thrilled when they arrived.  These have become two staples of my everyday life, now.  I am seriously becoming addicted to anchors!
Friday evening, we met my college friend, Sarah, and her husband at the Drillers baseball game. We had a wonderful time. There has never actually been an event where we have had the chance to visit with Sarah and Kevin alone. It was nice to get to do that. They are such a fun couple. The night ended in an amazing fireworks show. I was very impressed.
The next morning, Todd and I started our day with rooftop yoga with two of the stepmoms from our LifeGroup, Renee and Robin.  They gladly took a picture with me and stated that they were there to show their support for the first day of shots.  Awe!!  Then, the three of us ladies went for a small breakfast while Todd ran a couple of errands.  (Yes, my husband is that awesome in case you haven’t figured it out.)  These women are so very supportive and sweet to us.  It was God that brought us together.
After breakfast, Todd and I went for the natural next step in the day, brunch.  We already had this planned before I decided to go to breakfast with Renee and Robin.  We met Amber and Brad, who is another IVF couple that we met during our first/their second cycle.  She has been a saving grace for me.She researches everything…literally everything.  I have used her so much to ask questions about my cycles.  Plus, she’s preggers now, so she passes all of her unused medication and other usable items to myself and other ladies in our Infertile Myrtles group.  I’m very appreciative of her patience and her friendship.  After brunch, we stepped over to a local jewelry store called The Vintage Pearl.  Such cute jewelry.  (I want to ask them to make something to signify the journey of infertility, but I have no idea what that symbol would look like.  Any ideas?)  And later that evening, Amber and Brad met us at church.  (Unfortunately, I didn’t get a picture with her.  I’m not sure what I was thinking.  Actually, I wasn’t really thinking.)

Between brunch and church, Todd and I went to get a little pampering ourselves and had pedicures.  I’m not sure if I’ve ever mentioned, but he’s such a good husband and a good sport.  J  I love that about him!
After church on Sunday, we headed for another short trip to Kansas City to see this ball of joy!
For the record, that is absolutely the “Pistols Firing” hand signal she’s giving me.  She’s going to be a true OSU Cowboy someday.  J  (Her mother is only slightly cringing as she reads that.)

For dinner on Sunday, my other cousin, Matthew, decided to join us.  Little did I know that they had an awesome surprise in store for us…an anchor cake to help us kick-off this next cycle in style.  It was one of the sweetest sentiments.  There was so much thought and effort put into this cake.  Apparently, my mom came up with the idea, Rob bought the ingredients, Bradette baked the cake, and Matthew decorated it.  It was a one-of-a-kind team effort that I will never forget.
As we pulled into the driveway after our trip to KC, I noticed a card propped up against the door to the house.  It was from my mom.  Tuesday morning, I got to open it and read her sweet words.  She was just giving us lots of love and support for this cycle.  So very thoughtful!

Tuesday night, Todd was out of town, so I decided to spend the night at my parents’ house.  When I got there, my mom had surprised me with this towel.  Can you even begin to imagine how loved I am feeling by this point?!
Then, we headed to my grandmother’s for dinner.  There are few things in this world that compare to quality time with my mom and Mimi (one of those is when Bradette is with us, too).  We always laugh.  I love being with them.  Plus, I usually get oodles of back scratches.  Double-score!
Yesterday, Mom went to my doctor appointment with me.  It was a lot of fun to have her there because she’s so curious about all of it.  She asks lots of viable questions.  Plus, she’s a good encourager and supporter.
To wrap up the best IVF kick-off ever, Mom surprised me with another gift to keep at my desk to remind me of my goal for peace of mind.   Perfection!
That pretty much explains how my last week has gone.  I really can’t say how much all of this love and support has meant to me.  Truly, I’m at a loss for words.  Thank you, friends and family, for being there for us!  I will be placing an order for Team Baby Provence tshirts this weekend, so leave your size in the comments.


I wanted to make mention that I’m doing really well today with the low follicle count from the doctor yesterday.  Eight isn’t great, but it’s actually pretty darn good in comparison.  I know I told you about my friend, Samantha, in my entry yesterday that sent me some encouraging words.  Well, today, I heard the same news from my friend, Casey.  She reminded me that she only had 4 eggs retrieved on her cycle that gave her success with a beautiful, little girl.

Again, speechless from all of the encouragement from friends.  I feel such peace today.

On an ending note, my friend, Allison, told me today that she is praying my “8 follies grow grow and maybe even recruit a few friends.”  Love it.  Here’s to an awesome appointment with Wandy tomorrow and great news of perfect follicles!

Shot Counter:
Saturday, 8/30/14:
1)Follistim 225 units, in the a.m.
2)Menopur 75 IU, in the a.m.
3)Follistim 225 units, in the p.m.
Sunday, 8/31/14:
4)Follistim 225 units, in the a.m.
5)Menopur 75 IU, in the a.m.
6)Follistim 225 units, in the p.m.
Monday, 9/1/14:
7)Follistim 225 units, in the a.m.
8)Menopur 75 IU, in the a.m.
9)Follistim 225 units, in the p.m.
Tuesday, 9/2/14:
10)Follistim 225 units, in the a.m.
11)Menopur 75 IU, in the a.m.
12)Follistim 225 units, in the p.m.
Wednesday, 9/3/14:
13)Follistim 225 units, in the a.m.
14)Menopur 75 IU, in the a.m.
15)Follistim 225 units, in the p.m.
Thursday, 9/4/14:
16)Follistim 225 units, in the a.m.
17)Menopur 75 IU, in the a.m.