Friday, September 14, 2012

Light and Less Light Notes

On a light note…
The first Lupron shot was a piece of cake.  The best part was that Todd took Heather Nichol and me to dinner after!  It was such fun.  Love you, Nicho!!  Neither of them would decide on a location, so I picked Brook South, of course.  I got my usual, chicken wrap and mac & cheese.  Our hilarious waitress, Captain Morgan, called it crack & cheese.  I seriously love this mac & cheese so much, that I thought that was perfect.  It still makes me smile today...probably because I have leftovers in the fridge for lunch.  Yum!

Anyway, the shot was super-duper easy.  I felt a tiny prick when she started the shot and then it just felt like she was putting pressure on my skin with her finger.  Maybe she was. ??? The funny part is that you have to take a mood test each time.  This allows them to make sure that the shot isn’t throwing you into any type of depression.  Also, we learned that this shot will not cause me to gain the exorbitant amount of weight I was concerned I would gain!  They actually said a lot of girls lose on this shot because they’re more conscious of their eating and working out.  Yay!  See you later, pounds!  I started making sure I was more active this week.  However, next week, Todd will be home, so we’re really going to see what we can do to have fun and shed some pounds.

Funny story, though.  I just got an email from our Safety department at work.  It says they’re giving flu shots on Wednesday, October 17.  Immediately, I thought, I need to call Dr. B’s office to make sure I can have that since it's so close.  I called and told them it was this upcoming Wednesday because in my head it seriously was.  I was even staring at the date as I said it.  Sweet Esther told me it was fine, but it sounded a little early.  I told her I thought it was, too, but after all, it is October.  She politely said, “Well, it’s September.  You had your first shot yesterday, so from now on, blame everything on that.”  She always makes me laugh.  I just can’t believe I really thought that was this upcoming week.  So there’s my funny story for Friday.

On a less light note…
I have been having wildly vivid dreams the past few weeks.  I don’t know which of my drugs is causing these, but I love them…until last night.

I have a dear, sweet friend that passed away our sophomore year in college.  His name is Mark DePetris, and if you didn’t know him, you missed out on something special.  He was so kind…always…from the time we were kids until we lost him.  Anyway, regularly, I have dreams that he’s still alive.  He was best friends with Danny McCutchen, who was my best friend, so I was close to Mark.  Danny, Mark, and I are always hanging out in my dreams, doing different things.  I always remember these dreams very well, and I wake-up missing Mark but also happy to see him, again.

Anyway, last night was the first night I dreamt about him, and he had actually passed.  For some reason, I decided to have a fundraiser for his family.  He passed away just about 12 years ago, so I’m not sure why I had this dream at this time.  I woke-up missing him more.  It’s raining pretty good here today, though, so I take that as a sign that God says it’s okay to mourn our loss even this long after it happened.  He was a good man, that Mark DePetris!  Earth lost an angel, but Heaven gained one.

Silver lining of my dream…it had a funny moment. At one point during the fundraiser, I took my top off. I don’t know why. I do this in dreams, and I don’t understand it. It’s like I think it’s okay, but then I realize that I’m very embarrassed and highly underdressed.  J  To make matters worse, the white linen pants I was wearing started to fall down, too. I need someone to analyze my dreams!


  1. Well, I can understand why there are no comments on this post. Who old say anything when you have taken your top off and your pants are falling down! Of course, they don't know you like Bradette and I do. You have always been an exhibitionist. J

    1. Hey, hey, hey! Don't start telling my secrets!!