Tuesday, September 11, 2012

New Terms for Pregnancy & Blog Name Change

New Terms for Pregnancy
The other night, Todd and I were lying in bed talking, and I caught myself saying, "Hey, did you know so-and-so is pregnant, naturally?" We got a good kick out of it. I didn't realize, but we have been using terms "pregnant through IVF" or "pregnant through IUI" a lot lately. Apparently, that's how we refer to pregnancy, now, but we've added "pregnant, naturally". It's crazy how much our lives have changed in just over a month.

Blog Name Change
So, I changed the name of the blog. Apparently, some people didn't get "Making Movies Jealous". I won't name their names for fear of embarrassing them, but you know who you are, Bradette and Mom. Oops! There it is. J Mom actually said I was the weirdo for knowing what it meant. Ha! She makes me laugh.  Anyway, just so you know, Todd and I talk about how we’re so in love that it would make movies jealous…hence, the old blog name.  Hope you enjoy the new one more!

Thursday is our first Lupron shot.  Please, pray for us that it does exactly what’s it’s supposed to do…and that it’s as easy of a shot as everyone says it will be.  J  Happy Tuesday!

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