Wednesday, September 19, 2012

No Rest for the Weary

I am surprisingly wide-eyed and bushy-tailed today for not falling asleep until after 2:30am.  Ugh!  That was the last time I remember looking at the clock and wondering why I was still wide awake.  Being a problem-solving Engineer, I have narrowed down the potential causes:
1.       Todd wasn’t home last night, and I never sleep as good when he’s gone.
2.       I fell asleep for about an hour on the couch around 9pm.  This should not constitute being up half the night, though.
3.       I drank pop for dinner, and I haven’t had much caffeine for the past few weeks.
4.       I’m feeling the first side-effect of the Lupron shot (insomnia).  If this continues tonight, Tylenol PM will be welcomed into my nightly pill regimen.
5.       My mind was racing.
Most likely, it was number 5.  I have found that my mind is constantly revolving around IVF these days.  I find it hard not to have it somewhere on my brain at all times.  Sometimes, I wish I were a man and could only have one thought at a time.  Ha!  Kidding, men.  (Although, if there are any men reading this blog, they may be thinking, “Hey, that’s not nice, but eh, it’s true.”)  J (I promise a blog on the J or J soon.)

Anyway, we have two friends that I said earlier have recently gone through the embryo transfer process of IVF.  I think about them all the time…literally.  I wonder how they’re feeling, how their emotions are holding-up, will my experience be like theirs, etc.  I talk to one of them almost daily, and she truly eases some of my fears of IVF.  However, she also informs me of things I never knew we would experience.  It’s scares the bejeezes (really, spell check can’t tell me how to correctly spell bejeezes?) out of me but is also very refreshing, because I feel like I’m learning more and more about this process every day.

So besides just thinking about our friends, last night, I was preoccupied with acupuncture.  Odd, huh?  I never really thought I would be the type to consider using Chinese medicine.  However, I do believe in the powers of massages, so maybe that’s along the same lines.  I, also, highly believe in talk therapy, but that’s another blog in itself.  J  Sorry, I digress.  My friend that I talk to almost daily was told by her doctor that acupuncture would help the blood flow to her ovaries, and she was given a therapist that he highly recommends.  My doctor said the studies were inconclusive and didn’t seem to recommend/not recommend it.  Therefore, I decided to go about looking into finding an acupuncture therapist in Tulsa.  I figured it couldn’t hurt, and at the least, it would relax me.  However, as I started reading, I quickly realized that although the studies are still inconclusive, some show that if the therapist doesn’t know what they are doing, they can actually hurt your chances of getting pregnant.  Hello?!  Stop the train!!  I’m not sure I can stay onboard with this idea.  So what do I do?  I turn to Facebook.  J  If I can find some people in Tulsa that used a certain therapist and had successful IVF cycles, I’ll be jumping back onboard.  If anyone knows of such a therapist, please, let me know.

Until then, here’s to hoping I can sleep tonight!  Thank the Lord my hubby comes home!!

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