Friday, June 5, 2015

IVF Cycle 5 - Flights, Sedation, Shots, & Girl Party

Thursday, April 30, 2015
We booked my flight to St. Louis last night, so decision made there.  Just as I was about to book, I realized that the “Wanna Get Away” fare on Southwest was less miles than Todd had in his account.  Score one for a free ticket…not!  They were going to charge us $60 to transfer those miles from his account to mine.  That would only save us $50 on the ticket, so we passed in order to utilize those miles for free in the future.

Then, this morning, we found out that the urologist isn’t going to fully sedate Todd.  If I could insert an emoticon of a ticked off face right here, I would.  This is something we had discussed with Dr. Ahlering months ago.  He had said it would be no problem.  How do I take this news?!  I immediately start to think that it’s another sign that we should postpone the cycle.  Level-Headed Toddly brought me back to Earth and made me realize that at this point in the ballgame, I’m always going to wonder if we’re making the right decisions.  We’re in deep in this IVF stuff.  Planning round 5 is much harder for us than planning round 1 when we were hopeful and bright-eyed newbies.

Anyway, this made me think how I wish I could give my personal opinion on the three doctors we have used in this process.  Then, I realized that I could do just that on the blog.  Why not?!  It’s my blog, and you’re all my captive prisoners!  Mwah ha ha ha ha!!  <evil laugh>

Stay tuned for that blog entry after this cycle is complete.

Thursday, May 7, 2015
Shots have begun!  Actually, I’ve had 3 of them.  I’m doing Gonal-F this round instead of Follistim.  That’s like saying I’m eating bread instead of a roll.  Same difference.  However, the pen is a little different.  It dials a little differently, and the vials are already inside of the pen.  They really aren’t that big of a difference, though.  (This only means something to you if you have or ever will use Follistim or Gonal-F.)

Tomorrow, I have my first blood draw to check my estrogen levels since I started the shots.  Hopefully, everything is progressing nicely. 

Monday, we have our first ultrasound since these little follies started growing, and I’m pretty excited about that.  It will be after that appointment that I will know when we need to be in St. Louis.  I’m very excited about that!

As far as my anxiety goes, I’ve had a few instances that are out of my control that are causing it to rise.  Todd and I are working together to find ways to creatively eliminate those outside forces.  Hopefully, I’ll be back to cool, calm, and relaxed in no time.  He gets home from a business trip tonight, so I can’t wait to see him.

I spent Monday and Tuesday night at my mom’s house because Todd and my dad are out of town.  We had a grand old girly time.  We ate dinner.  We went for a walk to Sonic to get our dinner.  Yes, that’s a thing.  We watched TV.  She scratched my back.  I even took two shots at her house.  And she deserves props for doing a great job of keeping me chill and not bugging me with too many questions.  Thanks, Mom.  You’re the bestest.

That’s about all there is for an update on the cycle.  Mother’s Day is Sunday, and this year, I’m going to focus on it being about my mom, Mimi, and Todd’s mom.

Happy Little Friday!  (Sorry, Princess Burlap.  Can I steal that one from you?)

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