Monday, June 8, 2015

IVF Cycle 5 - Retrieval Plans, Stress-Relieving Techniques, & Chasing Reports

Wednesday, May 13, 2015
Well, we are all set to retrieve this weekend.  Todd will have his retrieval on Friday.  I will have mine on Saturday.  Apparently, the urologist doesn’t work on the weekends.  That bothers me that we weren’t told that before.  However, I am trusting that God will take care of his guys until it’s time to fertilize my eggs.  I’m excited.  I’m just ready to get on the road to St. Louis tomorrow.  I will pick Todd up at the airport and head that way.  We aren’t going to get any play time, like we had hoped.  That’s okay, though.  We’ll just have to visit St. Louis when we have some free time.

One thing I have noticed is that I’m not nearly as stressed by my schedule during this cycle.  Last week and this past weekend were crazy.  However, I wasn’t running around to massages, yoga, and acupuncture appointments.  Those are the stress-relieving techniques that I have used in the past that I am actually thinking might cause me more stress than they relieve.  Working my work schedule and social calendar around those can be difficult.  Because I have had a little more freedom after normal work hours, I’m actually caught-up on my missed time at work.  Therefore, when I return next week, I won’t have to make-up any additional time.  That gives me so much relief!!

What does not give me relief is that I had to track down my ultrasound report today.  When I left Dr. Nilson's office, Dr. Ahlering's office informed me they needed the report immediately.  Ugh!  After five phone calls, 2 1/2 hours of stressing, and several emails, the report was finally where it needed to be.  That was a stressor I didn't really need today.

Hope everyone is having a wet Wednesday!  Sorry, but I’m loving this rain.

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