Tuesday, June 2, 2015

IVF Cycle 5 - Working Out the Details

As I mentioned yesterday, all of these blog entries are back-dated.  I wrote them as we were going through the cycle.  The date that I wrote them is shown below.

Friday, March 20, 2015
It’s been a really good 24 hours! 

Yesterday, Todd and I had a phone consultation with Dr. Ahlering.  We were nervous when he didn’t call within 30 minutes of our appointment time.  However, he made up for it.  We ran through our questions, and Todd and I were feeling much better about the path we were about to take with him.  We set a tentative plan to do our first cycle in May, our second cycle in August, and our frozen embryo transfer in September or October.  We should be good and cookin’ before Christmas this year!

Our next appointment was with Megan this morning.  She’s Dr. Nilson’s physician’s assistant.  She did a “Wandy” ultrasound this morning to check the debris in my uterus.  It was still there.  She said she would visit with Dr. Nilson when he returned to the office on Monday but would be suggesting we move forward with the hysteroscopy after we return from vacation.

I had mentioned to Dr. Ahlering that I had calculated this cycle would cost at least $36,000 with the financial emails I had received from his staff.  He wanted to see how I was calculating that.  This afternoon, I sent a price breakdown to Marybeth, Dr. Ahlering’s financial person.  Within a few hours, I had a revised pricing plan that was $26,000 with medication.  What?!  That’s unheard of and so exciting!  The only piece I needed to finalize was what Dr. Nilson would charge to monitor me in Tulsa. 

Everything is starting to get a little more real.  I’m excited.  I’m just happy we have a plan.  We are leaving for vacation tomorrow, and I feel like I really have a grasp of the steps we will be taking when we return.  I cannot wait!  I’m kind of shocked that I feel so hopeful, again.  All smiles here.  Happy Spring!


  1. Thanks for sharing these. Glad you are! And, glad you got a discount from the original quote!

    1. Oh, girl! If you think that discount is good, just wait until you see the medication discount I posted about today. Hello, God - thanks for helping a sister out! :)

      As always, thank you for following along. *Hugs*