Monday, November 18, 2013

At a loss…

At the moment, I’m kind of at a loss for words.  This morning, I had some signs that I’ve started ovulating.  I’m sure it’s nothing because it always ends up being nothing.  However, it has me very concerned.  Dr. Bundren said to just come in for my appointment this afternoon, and we would check everything out.

This weekend was a great weekend!  Friday, we had a dinner date with just the two of us, and it was just great.  I really don't need anymore words to describe it.  We were both giggly and happy and just enjoying being together.

Saturday, we had an ultrasound.  Dr. B still seems pleased that everything is going according to plan.  However, based on the increased dosage of my meds for this cycle, I’m slightly concerned he’s holding back on telling us everything.  I guess only time will tell.  I had a massage that afternoon.  Then, we went to one of my college roommate’s houses to watch OSU play Texas.  It was a lot of fun!  There were about 15 adults and 12 kids, if I counted correctly; surprisingly, I couldn't get all of the kids (ages 6 and under) to stand still for a headcount.  It’s fun to see all of my friends and their kids; although, I have to admit that I feel a twinge of envy that we don’t have little ones running around with them.  Don’t think I won’t be trying to convince them all to have at least one more to match my kid's age.  J  We ended the evening with another dinner date for just the two of us.

Sunday, I was feeling a bit of pressure from my enlarged ovaries, so we took it easy all day.  It was just what I needed.

On the shot front...Saturday, we switched the Follistim shot for Ganirelix.  According to my research, Ganirelix helps delay ovulation and increases the chance of producing fertile eggs.  I rank this shot as a medium on the scale of how hard it is to take.  (FYI, Follistim is an easy on the scale, along with allergy and flu shots.)  The Ganirelix needle is strange, and I can’t pinpoint why.  The medication does not hurt during the injection, but it itches like crazy afterwards.

Also, we increased my dosage on Repronex (another medium on my shot scale), which just meant I had more burning sensation during the injection.  I’m pretty pumped that one is over, but I know that means Progesterone is next.  Progesterone starts as a medium and within a few weeks moves to catastrophically difficult.  J  Hopefully, we will have a viable pregnancy that will allow us to get that far this time.  I just barely touched the edges of how painful Progesterone gets when we stopped taking it last time.

I have my ultrasound at 1pm this afternoon.  If all still looks good, we will be heading to Oklahoma City Wednesday morning for egg retrieval.  I have everything on my body crossed…not just fingers.

Shot Scoreboard:
1.       Sunday morning – 225IU Follistim
2.       Sunday evening – 225IU Repronex in 1cc sodium chloride
3.       Monday morning – 225IU Follistim
4.       Monday evening – 225IU Repronex in 1cc sodium chloride
5.       Tuesday morning – 225IU Follistim
6.       Tuesday evening – 225IU Repronex in 1cc sodium chloride
7.       Wednesday morning – 225IU Follistim
8.       Wednesday evening – 225IU Repronex in 1cc sodium chloride
9.       Thursday morning – 225IU Follistim
10.   Thursday evening – 225IU Repronex in 1cc sodium chloride
11.   Friday morning – 225IU Follistim
12.   Friday evening – 225IU Repronex in 1cc sodium chloride
13.   Saturday morning – 250mcg Ganirelix
14.   Saturday evening – 375IU Repronex in 1cc sodium chloride
15.   Sunday morning – 250mcg Ganirelix
16.   Sunday evening – 375IU Repronex in 1cc sodium chloride
17.   Monday morning – 250mcg Ganirelix


  1. Fingers crossed for your appointment this afternoon, that everything checks out perfectly. I can't believe it's almost time for egg retrieval! I say you squeeze in another massage before Wed!!!

    1. Whew! We're in the clear! Headed to the egg retrieval tomorrow morning. I have a massage scheduled for tonight. Great minds things alike! ;-)