Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Status Quo is How We Like It

I am exhausted today!  I’ve been getting in bed at weird times and napping at even weirder times since we returned from Hawaii.  My system needs a reboot ASAP.

Not much to report today.  Luckily, everything is status quo.  Shots are still going well.
I did another Repronex shot last night, and for a reason unbeknownst to me, it didn’t feel like I was shooting acid into my fatty tissue.  It might have been that I iced longer than I did the night before.  I’m not sure, but I fully plan to stick my entire leg in the freezer for 30 minutes tonight prior to the shot.  That should cover it.  Here’s a picture of everything it takes to do a Repronex shot:  Bandaid, 3 cotton balls, 1 syringe with only 2 different needle tips (1 for mixing & 1 for shooting – The other comes on the syringe and gets saved for Progesterone), alcohol, 1 vial of sodium chloride, and 3 vials for Repronex.  Now, you see why it’s necessary to take good notes!

I took my third Follistim shot this morning at work.  Again, it was just like Cover Girl (get it? easy-breezy?).  Anyway, here is a shot of what it takes for that shot:  cottonball, Banaid, alchol swab, my Follistim pen, a vial of Follistim, and a needle (under the pink lid).  These are all of the supplies I keep at work, so I don’t need 6 cotton balls or 6 needles or 25 alcohol swabs, etc. each shot.

Todd did FaceTime with me last night while I did my Repronex shot, which might have accounted for why it didn’t hurt so bad.  His presence made my night!  I love my sweet boyfriend!!
Also, I'm having a hard time feeling like this cycle is even happening.  I'm not sure what's different, but it just doesn't feel like I'm in the middle of an IVF cycle.  It's definitely different than last time.  Although I was feeling very euphoric and relaxed last round, I welcome that it feels different this time.  We want different.  Different is good because different could mean a better outcome.
Come on, follies!  Grow big for me!
Until tomorrow…

On a completely unrelated note, I'm going to have to kill Todd.  Before he left town, he answered the door and found the following lovely pamphlet left for us by some kind Jehovah's Witnesses.
He so kindly dropped it in our entryway and left it.  I found it this morning while rushing around with the stupid thought in my head that I always get when he travels that our house is haunted.  Finding this by the front door did nothing short of nearly releasing my bladder on our hardwood floors...and getting me to move even faster out the door.  I hate heebie jeebies!!


  1. That is a big needle on the Repronex! I hope that is the mixing one, and not for injecting! I'm starting Follistim this week...glad to know it is as easy as cover girl :) BTW, I love your updates through the process. Keep it up!

    1. I use an 18 gauge to mix and a 27 gauge to shoot. The shooting needle is MUCH smaller, thank goodness! I know the Progesterone needle is bigger, though. Those notes are at the house, so I can’t say what it is right now.

      I’m so excited that you started the Follistim this week! Yay! We should be getting pregnant right about the same time. What are your dates for retrieval and transfer?

      I’m glad you like the updates. Thanks for reading them!

    2. Progesterone must be the biggest needle they make, because it hurts! We are working on an IUI this time. Ultrasound is Monday...I'll see how things are looking then! This is exciting!

    3. Yay! Yay! Yay! I’m so excited for you!! I’ll check in with you on Monday to see how the ultrasound went. Good luck and lots of happy thoughts!