Thursday, November 21, 2013

They’re Alive…

Transfer – 4 days!

Embaby Status:
·         Day 0: 12 eggs aspirated
·         Day 1: 2 fertilized & divided (2PN stage), 4 fertilized & not divided (1PN stage), 2 undergoing ICSI today

Well, we got our call much earlier than I had expected today.  Dr. Bundren, himself, called.  It scared me a little at first.  Anyway, I’m going to try to explain this as best as I understand it.  (Here is the site I’m using to help me decipher the meaning of all of this:
·         2 of our eggs fertilized and divided as they should have – I believe this means we are at the 2PN (2 pronuclei) stage.
·         4 of our eggs fertilized but have not divided.  They are at the 1PN stage, which is slow progress for where they should be today.
·         4 just did not fertilize at all.  1 was actually a bad egg, and 3 just did not take, which happens.
·         The 2 extra eggs they extracted yesterday did happen to mature overnight.  Therefore, they are going to ICSI them today.  Yay!

This means we stand at 8 embabies that are still being watched.  My emotions are mixed.  I’m happy there are still so many being watched.  However, only 2 of them seem to be thriving.  Tomorrow’s update should help us to understand more.

I have a call into Mary Kathryn for some clarification on this update.  Once she calls me, I’ll update this blog entry.

As for me, I'm super sore today.  I wasn't this sore last cycle, that I remember.  They used a probe and needle to extract my little eggies.  I imagine this is how a pin cushion feels.

Also, we had our first Progesterone shot last night.  Todd did a fabulous job!  Another one of my nurse/IVF friends said she hated the shots from the beginning and maybe Todd's technique is what makes mine tolerable until the bruises and knots set-in.  Thank you, Todd, for having good technique.  I love you for that!  (These shots will continue until second trimester.)

Shot Scoreboard:
1.       Sunday morning – 225IU Follistim
2.       Sunday evening – 225IU Repronex in 1cc sodium chloride
3.       Monday morning – 225IU Follistim
4.       Monday evening – 225IU Repronex in 1cc sodium chloride
5.       Tuesday morning – 225IU Follistim
6.       Tuesday evening – 225IU Repronex in 1cc sodium chloride
7.       Wednesday morning – 225IU Follistim
8.       Wednesday evening – 225IU Repronex in 1cc sodium chloride
9.       Thursday morning – 225IU Follistim
10.   Thursday evening – 225IU Repronex in 1cc sodium chloride
11.   Friday morning – 225IU Follistim
12.   Friday evening – 225IU Repronex in 1cc sodium chloride
13.   Saturday morning – 250mcg Ganirelix
14.   Saturday evening – 375IU Repronex in 1cc sodium chloride
15.   Sunday morning – 250mcg Ganirelix
16.   Sunday evening – 375IU Repronex in 1cc sodium chloride
17.   Monday morning – 250mcg Ganirelix
18.   Monday evening – Pregnyl, hCG trigger shot
19.   Wednesday evening – 0.5cc Progesterone


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