Thursday, November 14, 2013

Cats Don’t Say “Meow”

This has been an exciting 24-ish hours!

First of all, I realized that I’m not missing an attack of my allergies this cycle.  I just knocked on wood (my head) that they don’t flare-up now that I said that.  Anyway, I asked Dr. Bundren about that before our cycle started.  He started going on and on about the medical reasoning for what I was feeling; it’s not actually allergies but blah-blah-blah, is what I heard.  Anyway, Mary Kathryn just looked at me and smiled as if to say, “Yeah, you’re not expected to understand the words coming out of his mouth.”

Then, I went for a massage after work yesterday.  Yum!  I told Shaunda, my masseuse, to keep me awake the entire massage, so she started talking to me.  I loved it except that I started getting so relaxed that I’m pretty sure my answers started trailing off into nonsense.  I may have even responded to one of her comments with “garble garble.”  It was awesome, though.  I don’t think I fell asleep at all.  I get to go see her again on Saturday.  I love that Dr. Bundren encourages massages!

Also, I forgot to mention, but I have to drink V8 and Gatorade throughout the cycle.  The point is to help with ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS), which can be super painful.  I haven’t been as great at drinking these as I was last cycle.  Chock it up to my desire to do things in a more fun, relaxed manner this time.  Maybe I’m becoming a rebel.  “Watch out, here comes the Gatorade protestor!  I heard she doesn’t drink her V8, either.”  The Gatorade actually doesn’t bother me.  This cycle, I bought blue.  However, I don’t care for the V8.  Therefore, when I drink it, I say “mmmm” because I feel like I might be able to trick my brain into thinking I’m enjoying it.  The verdict is still out on if that’s working or not.

Last night, before we went to bed, I read a blog entry to Todd from Jenny Lawson, The Blogess.  It’s about dreams and how strange they are.  Well, she also blogs about her cats a lot.  Therefore, last night, I had a dream that I was cuddled up with a dog, which is strange enough because I’m allergic to dogs.  Then, this cat came over and cuddled up with us, too, which is even weirder because I’m allergic to and don’t care for cats.  (Sorry, cat-loving friends, AKA Ashleigh.  It’s not that I don’t like your cat; I don’t like how they make me feel.  It’s not them, it’s me.  J)  Anyway, the cat grabbed onto my finger in a really sweet way.  Then, I got nervous that the cat and dog were about to get into a fight, and my face was right in between them.  (Not that I’m that vain, but I do cherish my vision.)  I asked the owner if he could move the cat.  He picked up the cat, and the cat latched on a little harder, which I still thought was really sweet.  Then, the cat said, “John, please, let me just sit here.  My balls hurt.”  What?!?!  The cool thing was that I didn’t think this was strange in my dream.  The even cooler thing is that I was still feeling sympathetic towards this cat this morning on the way to the doctor.  I’m bumfuzzled by this chain of events, so I had to share this.  Thank you, Jenny Lawson, for making my dreams entertaining!  (As a side note, Todd is pretty sure that was him talking through the cat considering what he went through thus far in this journey to make Baby Provence.  I agree!  Poor, kitty…I mean, boy!)

To top off the last 24 hours, we had an ultrasound this morning.  Dr. Bundren counted 10 follies and said they were all a good size.  He was pleased.  Yay!  We get to continue on with the cycle.  I’m pretty sure I embarrassed Todd, though, when I told the room of Dr. B, MK, and 2 interns that I had a dream about a talking cat last night.  I didn’t tell them what he said because that would be socially unacceptable.  Dr. B just responded that it’s completely normal on the hormone shots.  Lots of women have them.  Booyah, Todd!  Dr. Bundren liked my story!!  J

Mad Scientist Todd was home to mix my Repronex shot last night, and he did a fabulous job.  It felt just as acid-filled as the rest.  This morning, we did my Follistim shot at the office.  No different there.

Mary Kathryn will call me with my shot protocol for the next few days.  They drew blood this morning, so Dr. Bundren analyzes it before he decides what else to do with my shots.

I thought I would start adding a shot count to my blogs for those that are interested in tracking what one protocol can look like:  (Plus, it shows you how many times someone has to stick themselves pre-IVF.)

Shot Scoreboard:
1.       Sunday morning – 225IU Follistim
2.       Sunday evening – 225IU Repronex in 1cc sodium chloride
3.       Monday morning – 225IU Follistim
4.       Monday evening – 225IU Repronex in 1cc sodium chloride
5.       Tuesday morning – 225IU Follistim
6.       Tuesday evening – 225IU Repronex in 1cc sodium chloride
7.       Wednesday morning – 225IU Follistim
8.       Wednesday evening – 225IU Repronex in 1cc sodium chloride
9.       Thursday morning – 225IU Follistim

Saturday is my next visit with Dr. B and Wandy.  I just love those ultrasounds!  (There I go, again.  Trying to trick my brain into thinking something different.  J)  Happy Thursday, y’all!

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  1. Grow Follies, Grow! The blue gatorade has got to be the best!