Wednesday, November 13, 2013

He’s Coming Home to the Place Where He Belongs

Todd comes home today.  Yippee!!  Duty called, and he had to go to Atlantic City for a few days.  Although, I’m not so sure he wasn’t just schmoozing with The Donald while he was there, but he says he was working.  J  I’m just glad to have my mad scientist and bed heater home tonight!

Shots are still going as planned.  I did a Repronex last night and a Follistim this morning.  (For the record, there are other drugs that are similar to the ones I take that you may have to take, if you do an IVF or IUI cycle.  For instance, Repronex is interchangeable with Menopur.  I know there are other stim drugs, like Gonal-F, but Dr. Provence will not be assuming she knows which one that can replace.  Also, I can’t say if the similar drugs will react the same.  I can only speak from my experience.)  Here are a few things I’ve realized about these shots, for those that may take them someday:
1.      My thighs are beginning to look like a punching bag.  However, it doesn’t hurt if you don’t touch them.  J  (Todd, that does not give you free reign to push my bruises and say, “Does that hurt?”)
2.      It’s a very funny sensation to rub alcohol on a frozen Popsicle leg.  I can feel the pressure, but my skin is numb.  It’s like cleaning a part of my body that has died.  Crazy cool!
3.      I can feel Repronex moving through my thigh and into my rear.  It's in a small, thin stream, too.  It doesn’t always burn.  Sometimes, it just feels like a cold fluid flowing under my skin.  Wicked!  Last night did have some burn, again, so maybe it’s just the right leg that doesn’t burn.
4.      The Repronex itches afterwards.  My leg felt like I had been bit by a giant mosquito.  Well, maybe not giant, but it’s more fun to exaggerate.
5.      If you push the plunger in slowly during the Repronex injection, it helps to keep the burn to a minimum.  Also, take long, deep breaths.  Then, imagine you’re sitting on a beach…okay, now I’m kidding.  It’s not that bad of a shot.  Do go slow and breathe, though!

That’s about all for my update today.  Tomorrow is my first ultrasound.  I’m super excited to see how my follies (follicles) have been growing.  I have my fingers crossed, but I’m fully expecting perfect news!

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