Thursday, May 2, 2013

Ten Ovaries

Last night, I was on the phone with my cousin, Bradette.  She and I were raised very closely together with her brother, Matthew.  We always got along, but it wasn’t until we were adults that she became “my person”.  If you’ve ever seen Grey’s Anatomy, you know what I’m talking about. 

Anyway, she is engaged to be married this June, and I’m so excited for her.  She has found herself a wonderful…and funny…man that will make her very happy into her old age.  Now, we used to have a plan (jokingly, of course) that when our husbands died, we would spend the rest of our lives together riding Vespas around the world.  However, I can sincerely say that I hope she doesn’t have to spend any of her life without Rob (which is short for Bob).  J  They have fun together!  We’ll just have to change the plan to include Todd and Rob.  (Of course, I don’t want to spend any of my days without Todd, either.  This was only a joke we conjured up, so no worries.)

Back to the point…last night, I was on the phone with her.  Rob asked if she was talking to me, and she confirmed that she was.  He responded with, “Tell her congratulations on the job and the 10 ovaries.”  Bwah ha ha ha ha!!  We laughed so hard.  She said, “He’s got a lot to learn before we start trying.”  I immediately had a vision of my uterus with ten fallopian tubes and ovaries coming off of it.  Suddenly, my organs look like Medusa!

Thanks for the laugh, Rob!  Glad you’ve almost joined the family…legally.

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