Thursday, May 30, 2013

Beta Test Update

Pregnancy test – 5 days!

Yes, my test has been moved back a day!!  I had the date wrong on my calendar.  I'm getting so anxious!

I'm still having no symptoms.  However, I had two IVF mommies message me on Facebook yesterday to say that they didn't, either.  That really calmed my nerves, so thank you, Casey & Heidi!!

I'm still euphoric, so I'm hoping that means that Progesterone isn't going to make me crazy!  Ha.

Oh, I did have a really painful shot on Tuesday night.  I'm not sure why.  Every second of it hurt, so we'll see if it does it again tonight.  Last night was fine, but it was on a different side.

I love having our girls here, but man, I miss Kaleb!

(Kaleb had to stay in Arkansas to work at Sonic.  He needed to make some money to get his car fixed.  A couples of nights ago, my 8-year old nephew, Harry, told his mom that he didn't like Sonic anymore.  She just thought it was because he didn't like the food.  Then, he proceeded to tell her it was because Kaleb had to work there, and he hadn't seen him in like a year!  He's got such a good heart...and a mixed-up sense of time.  Well, Harry, I don't like Sonic, either!!)

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