Thursday, May 9, 2013

Growing Like Weeds…

Retrieval – 6 days!
Transfer – 11 days!

…okay, maybe weeds is a bad example.  The follicles are growing perfectly!  I am on day 5 of my IVF cycle.  Dr. Bundren did the internal ultrasound (still need to find out the scientific name of this), and I’m still showing 10 follicles.  I’m pretty sure they said they were at a size 12.  (Mr. Google tells me that means 12mm.)  After talking with my friend, Carri, it sounds like this is the perfect size right now.  (She actually got her IVF notes out that are almost 2 years old and told me her numbers at this point.  I have an entire blog entry about her that I’ll post when it’s complete.  She’s awesome!  J)

They also drew blood to test my estrogen levels.  Mary Kathryn will call me later today to tell me what they were.  This will determine the shots I take starting this evening.

I had to give myself another shot of Follistim while at the doctor.  Nothing new there.

Plus, I found out that this allergy/sinus issue I’ve been having is normal.  Dr. Bundren said it can happen when your estrogen levels are increased like mine have been.  I didn’t realize that was a side effect, and none of my friends seemed to have it.  Plus, Mr. Google didn’t seem to have any idea about it, either.  Anyway, I’m still only allowed to take my Sudafed and do my Neti Pot treatments.
Oh, I also met a girl that's doing this cycle, too.  If all goes well for both of us, she'll be at retrieval with me on Wednesday.  She was super sweet.  She actually went to the doctor that Todd and I had a consult with before his reversal; he did one failed round of IVF with her, so she switched to Dr. Bundren.  She's much happier at this clinic, so that's good news.  Her name is Amber, which if you don't know me personally, that's one of my sister's names.  Makes it easy to remember.

Our next appointment is Saturday morning, and we’ll repeat all of this.  I’ll have my blood drawn, give myself a shot (if I’m on a morning shot at that point), and have my follies checked.  (“Follies” makes them sound so cute and cuddly.  Although, by Saturday, I’ve been told I could feel so much pressure, bloating, and twinges that I’ll be cussing them.  J)

As for today, Miss Euphoria is still here.  I’m just dealing with the congestion and sore throat with hot chocolate and Neti Pot treatments.  I haven’t slept well the last 2 nights, which is a big bummer.  However, hopefully tonight, I’ll get lots of good restful sleep.  I’m going to bed right after work!  Cheers to a thankful Thursday!  J

UPDATE: Just talked to Mary Kathryn. I have a follicle in each ovary at 12mm, which is the 'leader of the pack'. Okay, she just called it the 'leader'. Anyway, the others are following along nicely, but they just measure the leader. All is well. I have my shot orders for tonight and tomorrow, so I'll blog about those tomorrow. (Carri, I know you're probably dying to know what they are, IVF nerd.  J)


  1. Laura, I believe the scientific term for internal ultrasound is Wandy. At least that's what we called it :). I'm so excited for you guys and can't wait for the next post.
    Love, Carri (ie the awesome IVF nerd)

    Ps, hoping soon I can order you one of those twin question shirts for both of us :)

    1. Ha! Wandy. That is now the new name for it in our house. :) I'm about to write the new post for the new drugs, so get excited! :) I hope to be following in your footsteps soon, too. I love you, friend!