Friday, May 10, 2013

Becoming Quite Fond of Senorita Euphoria

Retrieval – 5 days!
Transfer – 10 days!

Well, Mary Kathryn called yesterday, and I forgot to ask her the most important question:  How does my estrogen look?  Oh, well.  She didn’t say it looked bad, so I’m assuming it’s fine.  Plus, we have another appointment tomorrow morning for a blood draw and another session with Wandy to check my follicle size.  (In case you didn’t know, I have learned that the scientific term for an internal ultrasound is Wandy.  Love it.  Thanks, Carri!  J)

Anyway, she informed me of my new shots.

Last night, I did 150IU of Menopur mixed in 1mil of sodium chloride.  It’s not much different than what I took the 4 nights before except that those were 225IU, and this is only 150IU.

Tonight is the most confusing.  I have to take one shot of Ganirelix.  Then, I have to take one shot of 75IU of Menopur and 300IU of Repronex mixed in 1mil of sodium chloride.  It’s just confusing because it’s mixing two different drugs into one needle.  No biggie, though.  My mad scientist is back in town tonight to do the mixing for me.  (Last night, he was playing Best Daddy Ever and had driven to Searcy to see our youngest in a choir program, take them to get smoothies, and then drove back.  For the record, that’s 9 hours of driving for about an hour of time with the kids.  He rocks!)

Mary Kathryn did tell me to make sure and ice before and after tonight’s shot because the Ganirelix will definitely burn.  Great!

For your information:
·       Repronex is just like Menopur and Follistim.  It stimulates the ovaries to produce eggs.  I’m really not sure what the difference in these 3 medications is, but maybe I’ll ask that tomorrow.
·       Ganirelix is used to prevent premature ovulation in women undergoing ovarian stimulation as part of fertility treatment.  Basically, this will keep me from ovulating before Dr. Bundren is ready.

Tomorrow, I will also take my trigger shot (HCG/Pregnyl) with me to the doctor.  They will keep it until Monday, which is when I’m assuming they’ll inject me with it.  That one will cause me to ovulate at just the right time.

Isn’t it crazy how this works?!  The coolest thing is that patients (even in the same practice) do not have the same shot regimen.  They cater your shots to your individual needs.  Again, I’m reminded how lucky I am to have a doctor that is so knowledgeable and has been doing this for so long.  One of these days, I’m going to hug Dr. Bundren and tell him how much I appreciate him.  Maybe that will get him to smile real big!  J  (I’ve been wearing funny socks to all of my appointments, but so far, I don’t think he’s terribly amused.)
Our Genius
As for my side effects, everything is pretty much the same.  I thought I had felt a little bit of pressure this morning, but it may be more of my imagination.  (I told Todd I felt like I had an egg on both sides of my abdomen, and he sarcastically responded with, “You have eggs in your ovaries?!”  Funny boy!)  Senorita Euphoria is still around, so I’m very pleased with that!  My throat is sounding worse, and I have started coughing.  That’s a real bummer!  Tonight, we’re going to attempt to go to dinner and watch Oklahoma State tear-up some Sooner tail on the baseball field with some college friends.  I hope I can make it through the game, but my allergy attack will determine that for us.

Hope everyone has a Fun Friday!


  1. Yeah! I am loving all of your updates. Keep it up! Everything is rolling right along and I can't wait to hear how the Retrieval and Transfer go. By the way, I just love the picture of Dr. B. Have a great weekend. Hope you are able to enjoy your evening!

    1. Thanks, Chelsea! Isn't it a cute picture of him? He just makes me smile. I think it's because I think he's so brilliant! Hope you have a great weekend, too.

  2. After reading this, I think I will go have a "shot" of tequila!
    Very interesting, but I would have to have a written schedule to keep up with all this.

    1. Oh, Mom! You know me. Of course I have a written schedule!! Todd and I both keep notes to make sure we don't forget. :) Glad you were able to at least have a margarita last night. ;) Love you!

  3. I am Also, I happen to be reading a very funny book right now and it states this:
    "Among women undergoing IVF, those who were entertained by a clown right after the embryo transfer were twice as likely to get pregnant. That's presumably because the clown helped them laugh a little (or scared them enough to get them good and pregnant - but then, I'm in the camp that thinks clowns are a little frighting). The study researcher hopes there will be more research on clowns and fertility: 'After all,' he said, 'this is one of the least hazardous interventions in our field.' He's probably right that clowns are less scary than a hypodermic filled with progesterone. Well, maybe."

    HA! So now Todd has a veeeeeery important job to do: find the best/weirdest clown YouTube video to show you right after the transfer. Tell him to start searching! :)

    1. Ashleigh! I love it. I told him, and he said, "Challenge accepted." (If you watch "How I Met Your Mother", that's even funnier. Man, we watch a lot of TV.) Thanks for the giggle. I'm definitely going to force him to bring the iPad into the recovery room!

    2. Ha ha ha, we LOVE that show! And Friends - I totally watched like 5 episodes this weeekend.

      AND I realized that it's MY turn to respond to our emails! Will try to do that today. :)


    3. Ha! No worries. It's not like I am Speedy Gonzales at responding to emails. :)